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How to make hair oil at home
Jun 06, 2016
How to make hair oil at home

How to make hair oil at home

Whether it is for girls or boys, the crowning glory is the loving asset for which they go crazy for. What say? Am I wrong? Are you not one among them who go crazy about your hair? But, because of the ways we adapt to live, it is getting way too difficult to maintain our barnet at its best.

Our ancestors used to maintain their parents at their best using homemade oils.  Homemade oils are chemical free and are rich in few ingredients which are useful to maintain healthily and shiny hair.

The market-available hair products will damage our hairs because of the presence of harmful chemicals in them. Even though few oils claim to be of free of chemicals, there are more chances for the hair to get damaged by their usage.

Hair oils can be prepared with different ingredients. The ingredients present in the oil will decide the usage of oil on our hair. Few hair oils aim at long hair while few oils aim at shiny hair.

Few oils aim at dandruff and few other aims at black hair. Few oils aim at hair fall, whereas few oils aim at low lights and highlights of hair. Few hair oils come in an all-in-one package. 

Homemade hair oils concentrate on all the above-mentioned pros and also guarantees chemical free effects. There are many procedures available to prepare hair oils at home. Even homemade hair oils can be made with different ingredients.

Each and every ingredient used in that oil has its own effect on hair. There are also ways to prepare those oils at home.  Let us see how to prepare hair oil with the ingredients available at home. 


1. Coconut Oil

As we all know, coconut oil is commonly available oil at home, which is used for healthy hair growth. In some parts of our country coconut oil is also used in cooking. Coconut oil is taken from coconuts and is used in many ways. Here, we use this coconut oil in preparing our hair oil. Take 100 ml of coconut oil. 

2. Aloe Vera Leaf

Aloe Vera is a very available plant at home. It has many pros. Aloe Vera is used in hair treatments and skin treatments. It is also used in medicine making. Aloe Vera contains enzymes that help in hair growth. Aloe Vera removes the dead skin cells present on the scalp and helps promote hair growth.  Take two Aloe Vera leafs.

3. Black Pepper

Black pepper is a hot and spicy ingredient used in cuisines. Black pepper has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Black pepper along with curd helps in getting rid of dandruff issues. Black pepper contains essential oils which help in keeping the scalp hydrated. Take 10 pieces of black pepper.

4. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are named for their effectiveness in strengthening the hair from the roots. They are good at stimulating hair growth. They are rich in proteins and nicotinic acid which help in healthy hair growth.  Take 1 fenugreek seed.

5. Castor Oil

Castor oil is mainly used for making hair shiny and strong. Castor oil is thick compared to normal coconut oil. It is taken from seeds of the castor plant. Castor oil is available in the unprocessed form which makes hair more silky and shiny. Take castor oil about 50 ml.

Benefits of Homemade Hair Oil:-

Our homemade hair oil helps in moisturizing our hair. Moisturizing hair means, taking away the dryness which is deeply rooted into the hair.

By using this oil regularly, there will be no signs of dandruff on your hair. By using this oil, the hair fall will see an end. This hair oil promotes hair growth.

As this oil includes castor oil as one of the ingredients, it gives long and shiny hair. The lowlights and highlights of the hair will be reduced and the hair color darkens.


Take aloe vera leaf and without removing the outer layer of the aloe vera, cut it into smaller pieces.  It is recommended not to remove the outer layer of the aloe vera as it is rich in nutrients that are good for hair.  Take this aloe vera pieces and grind them into a fine  paste.  Strain the paste using a filter.  Now, turn the stove on. 

Let the flame below and place a pan on the stove.  Take that aloe vera paste into this pan.  The aloe vera paste starts boiling in no time.  Keep stirring it.  Let that aloe vera paste sit in the pan until it reduces to half in quantity and until it, the paste becomes thicker. 

Now add 100 ml of coconut oil to the paste and stir it continuously.  Let it become a fine paste.  After some time, all the aloe vera paste will be mixed with the coconut oil and becomes one fine paste.  Now, add fenugreek seeds and black pepper to the solution. 

Let that boil for some time and then turn off the stove.  Keep the solution aside and let it cool for some time.  Use a filter to squeeze the oil from the solution.  Finally, add 50 ml of castor oil to the solution obtained.  Store it in a tightly capped bottle for future use.

Apply this oil on your hair twice in a week.  Make sure you apply it on your hair at night times.  Because, as night is long, the oil can sit on your hair for a long time.  Also, if oil is applied in the day time, it will absorb more dust and pollution. 

So, it is advised to apply this oil at night times than on day times.  This oil will resolve all your issues related to your hair like hair fall, dandruff, lowlights, highlights, bald patches etc. 

You will see the difference in no time.  Proper usage of this oil will make your hair look shiny, silky, healthy, thick, strong and long.

So, make certain to prepare this oil at home by following the procedure mentioned above.  It will save your crowning glory from all the hair issues.


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