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How To Prepare Coconut Oil At Home For Hair
Jun 29, 2016
How To Prepare Coconut Oil At Home For Hair

Coconut oil is being used by people from centuries and it is loaded with lots and lots of benefits for health and beauty.  It is used in cuisines in few parts of the world and is mostly used as a beauty enhancing product.  Our ancestors, especially women used to use coconut oil as a beauty product for their hair and skin.  There are unlimited benefits of coconut oil for both skin and hair. 

There are many skin and hair products available in the market that fails to do the work that coconut oil do for our skin and hair.  As it is naturally extracted oil there won’t be any side effects associated with its use like hair fall or arising of skin conditions.

Today we came up with an exciting article i.e., about how to prepare coconut oil at home.  This coconut oil that is prepared at home does not contain any sort of chemicals in it. 

There are many coconut oils that are released into the market by different brands with added flavors for the smell.  They are all refined forms of coconut oil and contain some sort of chemicals in them, which are not very effective on skin and hair.

When the originally extracted coconut oil goes through the refinement process it loses its properties that serve a great deal beauty wise and health wise.  So it would be better to use unrefined coconut oil instead of refined one.  You won’t get unrefined coconut oil from the market so you have to prepare it at home.  So there you go!

How to prepare coconut oil at home for hair and skin care

It is not that difficult to prepare coconut oil at home.  You no need to spend your almighty dollars on making this coconut oil at home.  You don’t even need many ingredients to make coconut oil at home.  All you need a bit of patience and a good intention to stick to making it until the end of the process.

Ingredients needed to make coconut oil

Coconut Water

We normally use coconut oil extensively for both cooking and for external application. Today we are going to tell you how to prepare your own homemade “unrefined” coconut oil.  All you need to prepare coconut oil at home is one cup of grated coconut and ¼ cup of water.


Take the grated organic coconut and squeeze the coconut milk from the extracts by blending it using a blender.  Always make sure to use freshly grated coconut so that you can get more milk.  You cannot squeeze much milk from dried coconut grate. 

Use some water while blending the coconut grate and stain it.  Now pour the coconut milk that is squeezed out from the fresh coconut grated into a thick bottomed pan and put the pan on the stove.

Lit up the stove and put it on medium speed.  After some time you will notice that the coconut milk is split.  Continue boiling the coconut milk until the water evaporates fully from the coconut milk. 

Continue boiling for some more time and then you can notice the oil floating on the top of the pan leaving the split milk beneath. 

Now turn off the stove and let the solution cool for some time.  Strain and store the obtained oil in a glass bottle for later use.  You can use a filter to strain the extract or use a cotton cloth to squeeze the oil from the extract.

The quantities we told to take are very less and you will get less oil.  If you want to make more quantity of oil then increase the quantity of ingredients.  This coconut oil you prepared at home is very pure and does not contain any impurities in it. 

You can apply this homemade coconut oil to little babies too.  As the coconut oil preparation has missed out the process of refinement it won’t lose its qualities or properties.

There are legions of benefits of coconut oil on both skin and hair.  You can use this coconut oil that you have prepared at home to treat all the skin and hair conditions.  It is most inexpensive oil and is full of benefits.  Below are the benefits of coconut oil for both hair and skin.

Benefits of coconut oil for hair and skin

Coconut oil is the best moisturizer.  In olden days, there are not such creams available with the names moisturizers.  Women used to use coconut oil as the moisturizer to get rid of dryness.  It is the best natural moisturizer that holds onto the body for a long time without causing any dryness.

Coconut oil can be used to remove the eye makeup.  There is few eye makeup removing kits available in the market, but they are again chemical filled.  So why to use something full of chemicals if we have a natural remover at home. Coconut oil works greatly in removing the eye makeup. 

Not just for eye makeup removing, it can also be used to remove the entire makeup of the face.  The coconut oil will lay down its oiliness feature to remove the makeup from the face easily.

It acts as a skin softener most of the times.  We normally use creams and lotions that are way too expensive to keep our skin soft and glowing, but without spending much of your money you can happily use this coconut oil for softening and soothing your skin.

Coconut oil is used to treat many skin disorders.  The homemade coconut oil we just shared with you will work a great deal in treat your skin issues.  You can simply apply coconut oil and massage your face with it to get rid of skin issues.

Coconut oil is most common used oil for hair.  Most of us apply coconut oil for hair and it helps a lot in treating many hair conditions.  It improves the hair growth, and it reduces the dryness of the scalp and thus reduces dandruff etc.

Bottom line:
So after knowing all the benefits of coconut oil, will you step back in using it or take a step forward to get benefited by this homemade oil?  It’s your choice.  Hope you make use of it in the best way possible.


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