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Onion On Your Head
Feb 17, 2017
Onion On Your Head

Okay, the title might sound little funny but Yes, the author mean it. Onion has definitely something to do with your head; it’s not only for curry preparation but an old Ayurvedic remedy mix for hair protection and growth.

Onion has certain chemical properties that ease of various hair related issues like hair fall, dandruff, hair regrowth etc. On an average, it is believed that 50-100 strands of hair fall from our head each day, but when hormones take deviated play which happens due to hundreds of reason the hair fall doesn’t stand within the normal range.

During this, a lot of pet raised hair to say bye from our body, which is really going to affect her beauty and her confidence. The best remedy is to prevent the cause rather than outcome, but at times the cause may auto stop but the outcome enters into a nonstop cycle.

Dandruff is flaking of skin cells from the head scalp, they are actually dead scalp cells which when agglomerate to form flakes being raised by some fungus living on the scalp. Well, poor hygiene can be one reason for dandruff whereas other culprits include vitamin deficiency, dust from urban life, inefficient post bath caring of hair etc.

Dandruff does an exhibition of white powder like dust from hair which can cause itching and drains away your confidence in public. They also stand as a major reason of hair breakage and inducing malnutrition to the hair follicle.

How Onion Helps Hair growth?

People are confused regarding applying of onion on hair, but scientifically it is proved that onion could be a remedy for your hair loss. Onion has a unique property where some of the chemical compounds present in them a shield against yeast and fungus which can cause scalp infections.

Moreover, they enhance blood circulation to the scalp which will promote faster hair growth because hair follicle gets faster repair due to better circulation. Onion has high sulfur content in them which encourage collagen formation which is very important in hair production.

When the follicles are properly nourished due to redoubled blood circulation, the nutrients get a better path to build hair fiber thus faster hair growth. It is to be mentioned that sulfur content in the onion serves for dual purpose; they have an anti-bacterial activity which keeps the scalp free from bacterial invasions.

They also know to prevent hair thinning and breakage caused due to the malnourished cuticle, by supplying enough juice due to better blood flow.

Onion remedy for Dandruff

The reasons are various but the outcome is itchy flakes of skin from the scalp. This annoying problem has led to the birth of several anti-dandruff products, but the fact is not all stuff are effective against as they claim to be.

But this natural pal is a different breed of solution for this problem. They might create a flash of doubt, several questions may arise in your mind because nobody bottled them and made them a fancy consumer product yet, and they are so cheap that it costs less that your favorite candy.

Let us See Some of Home Remedies:

1. Onion juice & Fenugreek:

Just take fenugreek seeds soaked overnight, take 1 medium onion and ground them into the fine paste. Apply this paste which can be applied on the scalp. After 15 minutes wash your hair properly and dry it naturally without any dyer methods.

It helps your scalp to open pores for healthy growth of hair.

2 Aloe Vera gel and Onion paste:

Take aloe gel and onion, grind them into a paste. Apply this paste as a hair mask. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. We generally pour our dollars in buying branded hair masks, which end up showing no results. This paste definitely is going to keep your hair happy with clearing all the itching and scaly flakes from your scalp.

3 Beetroot with onion:

Take beetroot juice made mixed with an equivalent amount of onion juice to prepare a fine hair lotion. Apply this paste on hair and gently massage for 2 minutes. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. This affects your hair in removing dirt and oil from your hair so that it can start re-growth of the hair.

4 Lemon with Onion:

Lemon and onion have similar properties in fighting against dandruff. If both are added they will result better.  Take 1 lemon and cut it, take the juice and add 2 medium onions and grind them like paste, so that you can apply on hair. Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes and then wash it with Luke warm water. When you follow this for 2 times a week depending on the severity of dandruff, it can be cleared completely.

The scope of onion for hair health has a great potential, such that it is still under research, but if you get a chance to dig the library of medicinal plants try to look for onion, because you haven’t fully discovered it yet!


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