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Different Types of Egg Masks and Its Benefits for Hair Loss
Feb 20, 2017
Different Types of Egg Masks and Its Benefits for Hair Loss

Types of Egg Masks and Its Benefits for Hair Loss

Suffering with hair loss? Want to get rid of your oily or over dry hair? Want to make your Crowning glory look at its best?  Want to have a head of hair? If so!  You are in the happy hunting ground now.Women look best with their beautiful and silky tresses.They tend to bend over backward for their hair.

Hair loss has been a reportedly popping up problem among people these days.Hair is one of the most important attributes that contributes to the beauty of women.When it comes to hair loss, it is obvious to say that we are in the same boat.Because there will be a countable number of people who does not have the problem of hair loss.

Remaining all come into the same category of victims of hair loss.Many women keep a lot of efforts to stop the hair fall but finally, give up on their hair.They try almost every possible remedy to treat their hair but see nothing more than just hair loss. 

Even though there are many treatments to treat hair fall and other hair related issues, when they come into action, they would literally fail to show the claimed results.But there is an ingredient that will drag you out of the hair loss problem within no time.The ingredient here is an egg.Yes! The egg has a legion of benefits when used on hair.

A simple egg can give you a salon treatment with just countable coins in your wallet.Egg mask is way too famous with its extraordinary pros of treating hair.Do you want to know more about egg mask and its treatment of hair? Boom u go!

Benefits of Eggs:-

I will start with a line, “One egg a week will keep you away from hair loss”.Eggs act as conditioners.They have about 70% keratin in them.Eggs are rich in proteins and using eggs as a conditioner improves the hair growth.  Different types of hair need different types of egg masks.Here, we use egg yolk for one type of hair and egg white for another type of hair.Let us know the whereabouts of egg masks.

There are mainly two different types of hair.The first one is oily and the other one is dry. The egg masks are different for both types of hairs. If your hair is oily, the egg white will do your work.Egg whites are named for removing the excess oil present in the tresses.And coming to the dry type of hair, if you have a dry hair, we have to use egg yolk to get rid of that hair dryness.Egg yolks help in moisturizing the dry hair.Egg yolk also comes with emollient properties.

We have namely two different types of egg masks for oily and dry hairs. Let us see how to prepare them.

1. Egg Yolk Hair Mask

Egg yolk is overloaded with proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids.For good and healthy growth of hair, the hair should be supplemented with enough of proteins.As egg yolk is one such protein supplier, applying egg yolk to the hair will solve most of the hair issues.Egg yolk also contains vitamins like A, D, and E.This presence of vitamins in the egg yolk prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.Along with egg yolk, if some olive oil is added in this mask preparation, the solution will help us to strengthen and soften the tresses.

Olive oil also has many advantages as per hair.It helps in exfoliating the hair.It also prevents early graying and protects the hair color.Most egg yolk and olive oil become a nutrient-rich solution that makes our hair healthy and thereby improves the hair growth.


Two egg yolks.

2 tbsp of olive oil.

1 cup of water.

How to Prepare:-

Take a bowl and put the 2 egg yolks in the bowl and add 2 tbsp of olive oil to it.

Mix the solution well and now add half cup of water to the solution.

Using your fingers apply this solution throughout your scalp.

Once you are done with your application of the solution, cover your hair with shower cap and let that solution sit on your hair for 15 to 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, rinse it off with water.

It is your choice whether you shampoo your hair or not.

You can use this egg yolk mask once or twice in a month.

2. Egg White Hair Mask

This egg white hair mask goes well with people who are having oily hair.Oil is good for hair, but if it becomes excess, it would irritate to the core that we will search the internet for an article like this.Excess oil in the hair indicates unhealthy hair.The excess oiliness present on the scalp would block the pores which would ultimately lead to acne and other skin infections.This hair mask along with egg white and olive oil also contains honey as its main ingredient.  Honey is used in this solution to cure acne.


2 egg whites.

1 tbsp of honey.

1 tbsp of Olive oil.

How to Prepare:-

Mix all the three ingredients into a bowl.

Apply this solution onto your scalp using your two fingers.

Once you are done with the mask, cover your hair with a shower cap and let the solution sit until it dries out.

When it dries, rinse it off with water.

It is your choice whether you shampoo your hair or not.

You can use this mask once or twice in a month.

Along with above mentioned two hair masks, there is one more hair mask which is made of egg yolk and lime juice.

3. Egg Yolk And Lime Juice Mask

This egg yolk and lime juice hair mask help in promoting hair growth.As lime is used in treating dandruff which is one of the biggest causes of hair fall, this mask will help to solve the problem of hair loss very well compared to the above mentioned two masks. 


Egg yolk.

3 tbsp of fresh lime juice.

How to Prepare:-

Take a bowl with egg yolk and 3 tbsp of fresh lime juice.

Beat the solution for a minute so that it turns into a mixture.

Now apply this solution on your scalp touching the roots.

Let this solution sit on your hair for 15 minutes or so.

After 15 minutes, wash off your hair with cool water.

This egg yolk and lime juice mask can be applied once in a while for best results. 

These are the two most beneficial masks with egg yolk and egg white.As eggs are affordable for anyone, you can just use these masks once in a while to keep your hair healthy.Instead of using your chemical filled conditioners, use these eggs as conditioners and see the results.You will notice a great change in your hair for sure.


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