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Egg And Coconut Oil Mask That Works Wonders On Hair fall
Jun 06, 2016
Egg And Coconut Oil Mask That Works Wonders On Hair fall

People do a lot of things to protect their hair from all the hair conditions.  There are many reasons why the hair gets prone to different hair conditions and suffer a great loss. 

The environmental changes, improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle and many other reasons lead to hair damage and hair fall.  Even though there are many ways to protect the hair from the reasons of damage, people are still ending up facing many hair conditions.

 There are also many hair products available in the market today that claim to protect the hair from the damages.  Few come up with workable solutions while few come up with slim to none solutions. 

People can protect their hair from the polluted environment by covering their hair with scarves, can eat healthy diet and lead healthy lifestyle, which works to some extent, but in order to instill life into the hair and make it appear healthy and lively there is a need to us something that strengthens and makes the hair healthy and that is ultimately the “Hair Mask”.

Hair Mask With Honey, Egg, And Coconut Oil That Works Wonders 

Coconut oil is very much used oil from ages in our homes.  It is used for different purposes and in different ways.  It is the most naturally extracted oil that is overflowed with benefits. 

It is the best hair care product that is used from ages from our ancestors to us.  When it comes to hair care the concept of coconut oil pops up ultimately and gets highlighted because of its benefits and uses.  We use coconut oil mainly for hair and it works miraculously on hair. 

It nourishes and enriches the hair from roots to the tip.  It makes the hair healthy and works towards the healthy and strong growth of the hair.  People depend on coconut oil a lot in order to get rid of most of their hair conditions.

 It also adds moisture to the hair and reduces the split ends issue that most of the women face.  To put in simple words, coconut oil is loaded with lots of benefits, which makes it the ultimate oil to attain healthy and strong hair.

Today we are here to share with you the hair masks that are made out of honey, egg and coconut oil.  This hair mask work wonders on your hair and makes your hair healthy and strong from the crux.

Hair masks with honey, egg, and coconut oil for healthy and strong hair

Not just coconut oil, even eggs are a rich source that enhances the chances of promoting healthy hair.  Egg masks for hair are very famous for their wonderful benefits and are used by many people.

Even many beauticians and salon stylists suggest people have egg masks for hair to make hair healthy and shiny.  If two or more rich sourced and enriched ingredients are used together then they would create wonders on hair.    

So we bring you the best hair mask ever that will help you get rid of your hair conditions in a very small time period.

There are varieties of hair like rough hair, oily hair, frizzy hair, damaged hair, blah blah blah, and each hair needs to be treated in different ways.  The egg with coconut oil mask that put on overnight is the only way that handles all types of hairs and hair conditions. 

You can also apply egg alone directly onto the hair to get benefited.  Eggs work like conditioners to the hair and remove the dullness from the hair.  They add shine and smoothness to the hair just with the single application.  The natural oils of the hair are locked into the locks with the application of egg to the hair.

Use of Honey 

We commonly use honey as an eatable ingredient but has loads of benefits in it.  When used as hair mask mixed up with the egg it literally works wonderfully on hair.  You can take an egg, one tbsp of honey, and some coconut oil and prepare it like a mask. 

Apply it to the hair as a mask and let it stay for overnight.  The honey used in this hair mask is named to make hair shine.  Honey, which is rich in antioxidants and minerals, supplements the hair with them and helps make hair follicles healthy.  It acts as a conditioner, an antioxidant, an antiseptic and also helps to get rid of hair of hair issues. 

Most of us known honey for its sweet taste, its use in most of the beauty products, and in the health industry, but it can be used to supplement hair with healthiness too.

Hair mask to get rid of blue hair 

There are many people who have sensitive hair that easily gets prone to every single hair condition.  For such people, it is very important to maintain good pH levels of the hair and protect the hair from any hair conditions. 

In order to do that, you need to use some hair masks we are going to suggest.  The ingredients that are very much available at your home are more than enough to make this mask.


Take one egg, 2 tbsp of honey and 4 tbsp of coconut oil and mix them well in a bowl.  Apply the solution on your hair and let it sit until it is completely dried.  Once your hair is dried, wash off your hair with cold water. 

Once you are done with your washing then apply herbal conditioner to the hair and let it sit for five minutes.  After 5 minutes, start massaging the conditioner into the hair from roots and scalp, and leave the conditioner on the hair for some time. 

After some time wash off the conditioner from your hair using warm water.  Now use herbal shampoo to wash your hair.  After shampooing your hair wash it with warm water and then for the final time wash your hair with rose water to remove the smell of egg from your hair. 

You can follow this method three times a week to see the best results.  This is the coconut oil mask that will help you set your hair perfectly in place.  Make sure you try this natural homemade hair mask to make your hair healthy and strong from the roots.


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