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10 Braids Hairstyles Ever
Jun 27, 2016
10 Braids Hairstyles Ever
Women today are more concerned about their beauty especially during special occasions like marriages, parties etc. Hair style is one that adds more prettiness to their beauty. Women try to look more beautiful on special occasions and would like to dominate others with her beauty with her hairstyle, dressing etc. So, we have come up with 10 amazing hairstyle ideas for women. So, if you are the one looking for this braid hair styles make use of this article.

1.Simple French Plait

This is a simple and most loved hair style by women. This gives a simple as well as good look to her face. Start this hair style by combing the hair smoothly with a brush. Later, either with a comb or with your fingers start sectioning or partitioning the hair in “V” shape from front to crown of your head. Next, take the 3 pieces of hair from the partition of the section and start plaiting them as you see in the above figure. Repeat the same step till last and finally, braid the remaining hair. To look more beautiful in this simple French plait adorn it with flowers and colorful beads.  

2.French Braid

This is also a French braid hairstyle suit well for golden colored hair women. This hairstyle can be styled same as the above but, here you need to start styling the French from the front hair which is near your forehead and complete it until the end. At last fold the remaining braided hair as shown in the figure. Most of the women like this hair style during their wedding. To add more beauty to your French hair style you can use hair styling beads or colorful stone beads in the middle of the French folding. 

3.Crown French Hair Style

Seems like a crown on a princess head right? Yes, t his hair style looks similar to that. This is also a kind of French style hair. To look simple, this hair style looks awesome. Start it from the one side of the head and finally join the end. Bring beauty to it with your dressing and ornaments.

4.Two-Sided Inverted French Braid

This hairstyle belongs to the family of French braid but, the only difference here is, it is an inverted French braid. This is also called as inside-out French Braid as we start it from the inside and this is similar to braiding a cornrow. At first section, your hair into two parts and on each side repeat the same process as the French plait but, do crossing the sections of hair from bottom one another rather than from over which you have done in the case of normal French plait. Now, your hair will be styled as shown in the above figure.

5.Fishtail Braid Hair Style

Being this fishtail braid styling by sectioning the hair into pigtails and then divide each section into two. Using your pointer finger in the middle, catch the both sections in a single hand and with the other hand take a piece of hair from each section and cross them one over the other and plait it in the opposite way. Keep braiding the same way till you reach the end. Finally, tight the braids with a colorful hair band to make it look beautiful. Look trendy with this fishtail braid.

6.Three Row Fishtail Braid

This is same as normal fishtail braid hairstyle but with three rows of braid. Outfit well for long and thick-haired women and is a good option for braids and for formal functions. Try this during some parties and look more beautiful. Both the versions of fishtail hair braids look good and further if they are decorated with hair accessories and flowers make it stunning.

7.Long Hair Braid

Looks awesome in the picture right? Also looks good in reality. Style your hair with this beautiful hairstyle by taking the help of a professional and add more beauty to yourself. This hair style suits well for long haired women. So, if you are one among them you should definitely not miss it because it is such a lovely hair style.

8.Half Crown and Fully Braided Hair Style

Seems half-crown and full braided. Yes, you are right. Try this out on some special occasions or on the occasion of your wedding. Adorn it with hair accessories to make it more bunchy. Take the help of a salon professional for assistance, they can add up more beauty to your hair. Dress up beautifully that matches your hair style and look like an angle.

9.French Crown Braid with a Swirl


Styling your hair with this French crown braid hairstyle is easy if you are an expert in French plait and you can easily end up it with a swirl at the back of the crown. Most of the western women love this hair style. Wann try this on your wedding? Then, start practicing it from now itself and try this on your wedding day so that it appears neat.

10.Two-Sided Inverted French with a Swirl


This is same as an inverted French hair style. Here you need to section the hair into tow parts and later apply the inverted French braid on both the sections. Finally, join this in the form of a swirl and adorn this two-sided inverted French braid with flowers.

These are few amazing hairstyles that women can style their hair on some special occasions and function. So, try these different styles according to the type of event and make yourself look like a princess and impress your dear ones. Hope these hairstyles would help you to style your hair in a different way.


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