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10 Cute Hairstyles For your Little Girls
Jun 30, 2016
10 Cute Hairstyles For your Little Girls

Got fed up with routine hairstyles to style your daughter's hair? Looking for some new styles? Then you are at the right place. Here, we have few hair style ideas which you would love.

They just take few minutes to style your cute little girl beautifully. These styles range from simple to trendy. The hair style that we are going to present here can be used for various occasions.

So, chose any of those styles according to the occasion and make your daughter look beautiful. Would like to have a look at them? Then, come let’s know them.

Accessories Required for Styling Hair styling:


Hair Bands

Colorful Beads


Flowers etc.

Apart from these, you can add your own accessories for styling your daughter's hair beautifully.

Now all the accessories are in our hand, then why to make delay? Come let’s start it.

1. Plaits Cornrow Hair Style


Plaits Cornrow is hair style that gives different look to your daughter's hair. It saves a lot of your time and ever protects your daughter’s hair especially during winter seasons.

Start this hair style by separating hair into various portions vertically and knob them separately in those portions at end thigh them with different colorful hair bands. Now your daughter’s hair will look like a group of ropes or braids.

2. Plain Hair with Hair Band

Does your daughter like to have simple hair style? Then, she will surely love this style. Comb her hair gently and style it with a cute colorful hair band that matches dress color. Hair bands and bows add more beauty to hair. See how cute she is now in this hair style. To add more beauty to her hair, decorate the hair band with some beautiful flowers.

3. Simple Braid Style

This hair style is similar to routine hair style but gives different look as some styling is done on the base of the hair with a thin hair band. This style looks good if your daughter has blonde hair color. This gives a simple and pleasant look to the hair. Looks really decent and suits well for decent occasions.

4. Side Clip Hair Style

A simple hairstyle with a bright hair clip looks cute for your daughter. It doesn’t take much effort to try this style; just you need to use a clip on loose hair at the side as shown in the above picture. Side look hair styles suits well for short hairs. Try some big and trendy clips to make the hair more attractive.

5. Bandana Hair Style

Styling hair with bandana gives a trendy look to the hair. Various types of bandanas are available for cute little girls in the market. This hair style just needs combing the hair gently and using a stylish bandana that’s it. Try this hairstyle on your daughter’s birthday so that she looks gorgeous stands out on her birthday event.

6. Twisted Hair Style

Your daughter looks pretty in this twisted hair style and this suits well for golden color haired girls. So, if your daughter is one of such kinds then try out this when you are taking her to wedding functions. All you need to do here is just comb the hair and twist it as shown in the above figure.

7. Crown Hair Style

Does it look like a crown? Yes, you are right. Your daughter will look like a princess in this crown hairstyle. So, try this on any special occasion of your daughter. She will be glad to have a kind of hair styling like this. Moreover, this adds more beauty to her face.

8. Simple Plaited Hair Style

It is called as one-sided French Hair plait. It is simple and you can try it in regular styling as it is easy to style and takes very less time. Get started by separating the hair into two different portions, on one side style in the hair in the French style and the other side a normal braid style. Finally, use colorful bands at the end.

9. French Hair Plait with Curl

Start this hair style in French style initiating it from the front of the hair adding some colorful beads in between the French styled hair and then bring all the hair together to style the braid. Finally, curl the hair as shown in above figure with a beautiful ribbon. Looks trendy right!! French hair plait with curl can be tried during party times to make your daughter look beautiful.

10. Lovely Simple Crown

This hair style gives a simple crown to your cute daughter. Here, you need to take the side hair on both sides of the head, braid them separately and finally mix them with a beautiful ribbon styled band. See how simple it is to style. So, try it as it takes not much time to style.

Bottom Line:

These are the few simple hairstyles which you can try them for your daughter, so try them on your cute little Angels using different types of clips, colorful hair bands, ribbons etc. for styling hair.

Hope this article looks helpful for styling your young girl who dressed up beautifully.


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