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30 Braids in 30 Days Which Every Women Love
Aug 25, 2016
30 Braids in 30 Days Which Every Women Love

30 Different Types of Hair Styles

Are you a fan of braids? Well, if not then this tutorial by Christina Butcher for hair romance will change your makeover perception. The complex twist and tails of each sculpted design are specially designed to offer than unique look without tampering the beauty side. The program is a 30-day challenge that let a novice handle her hair with the perfection of a salon.

You can register a copy of tutorial directly from the website for $14.95, were almost all styles you know in braids are covered.  Unlike the ancient system, this new braiding technique is optimized for a single hands complexity. You can do it yourself without depending a beauty guide. The package includes tips and tutorials, Advice, styling trends, troubleshooting guides, product recommendations etc.

The greatest thing would be understanding the trick behind each braid that’s let a person to devise new styles employing some own ideas. The imagination and try are things standing between you and a wonderful design. The braid tutorial acts a quick guide for easy reference.  Styles included in this package would be: 

Here is the List of 30 Hair Styles 

1. French

2. Zipper

3. Dutch

4. Milkmaid

5. Rope Twist

6. Suspended Infinity

7. Strand

8. Headband

9. Pull Through

10. Box Fishtail

11. Fishtail

12. Waterfall Twist

13. Strand Ribbon

14. 5 Strand

15. 3S Pull Through

16. Infinity

17. 5 Strand Ribbon

18. Lace

19. Waterfall

20. Dutch Infinity

21. Flower

22. Mermaid

23. Combo

24. Bun

25. Corset

26. Knotted

27. Slide Up

28. Ladder

29. Crown

30. Heart


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