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4 Trendy New DIY Hairstyles For Girls
Aug 18, 2016
4  Trendy New DIY Hairstyles For Girls

The teenage years are a time to experiment, mainly because teenagers can bring off anything at that age.

If you’re not going to be brand new when you’re a youngster, while else are you going to? These four lovely ladies hairstyles will make you the speak of your faculty and university.

Short Bob

1.       Wash your hair with a slight shampoo and conditioner. It's continually best to use complementary shampoo and conditioners. Shampoo and Conditioner is a safe wager to preserve frizz at bay and use earlier than making plans to preserve your hair open.

2.       Side part your hair

3.       Gently brush down all of your hair

4.       Add extent by means of teasing the front segment of your hair a tad

Chignon Bun

1.       Component your hair in the middle, growing 2 sections on both aspects

2.       Pick out out thin strands from each phase’s the front

3.       Make normal braids from the hair in each section

4.       Overlap these braids after which coil them around each different

Excessive Bun

1.       Use a flat iron and straighten your hair lengthwise. Before you straighten your hair, it's miles recommended to use heat protection serum. SP Luxe Oil is an incredible manner to melt and protect your hair in just a few drops.

2.       Bunch your hair up atop your head

3.       Create a bun by means of twisting and coiling

4.       Once half of the length has been wrapped, wrap across the created bun

5.       Cover the ends with Bobby pins

6.       Use Hairspray to keep the style


A truly cool coiffure for ladies with quick wavy/straight hair.

1.       Create a deep aspect parting on an aspect

2.       Gently and very neatly, comb all your hair absolutely down

3.       Straighten your bangs with a flat iron

4.       Give your blasts a slight bother before you let them tumble to your face actually

See, feel and be well known with these offbeat hairdos for high school young girls!


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