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Best Hairstyles to Cover Up Thin Hair
Aug 13, 2016
Best Hairstyles to Cover Up Thin Hair

Are you one among those who are suffering from hair fall?  Are you one among those millions who are under pressure of hair problems? Are you one among those millions who are willing to stop those hair problems? 

If so, then you are at right place.  Even though people are born with thick, healthy hair, due to environmental conditions we are living in, it is getting difficult day by day to maintain it healthy and thick anymore.

Due to the lack of good diet and stressful lifestyles we are leading, it is obvious that hair fall is the first relative that knocks our door.  In this busy life, it is not that easy to maintain healthy hair.  Even though we take enough precautions in order to keep our hair clean and healthy, we always are victims of it.

So, instead of thinking about how to protect that hair, it is better to know the ways that teach us how to cover that thin hair.  It is better to cope up with the present styles and go forward with those hairdo’s to cover our thin hairs.

So, let us have a look at the different hairstyles that help in covering up thin hair.

1.Side Parted  Bangs And Feathered Hairdo

As the name says, side-parted bangs and feathers, the hairstyle is done in feathers first and sides of the hair are cut in the shape of bangs.

As a feather is the very famous type of hairdo, it is obviously most followed one.  Feather cut involves hair in different layers which help make look hair thick.  The hair is cut in the shape of a feather.  Bangs are done to manage thinness of hair.  Here as you see the hair is cut in feather style, the side parts of hair are cut as bangs.  These bangs will help cover the thinness of the hair.

2.Side Parting With A Sleek Hairdo

If you have long hair then this is apt hairdo you can opt.  As side parting includes combing more than half portion of the hair to a side, it will help hair look thick.  It helps to cover hair at the top that is thin before.  This side parting with sleek hairdo goes well with long hair people with oval shaped faces.  Bangs accompanied with this style of hairdo looks more beautiful than just with a side parting.

3.Graduated Layers And Short Cropped Hairdo

If hair is falling, it is better to keep it short.  Short hair may not stop your hair fall, but can help you cover unhealthy edges of fallen or broken edges of the hair.  So, it is always advised to keep it short so as to make it look sweet.  This graduated layers and short cropped hairdo can help you cover your thin hair.  Even though hair is short, this hairstyle helps in covering up the thinness of hair with its style of hairdo.  People who love to be experimental can go give a try to this style of hairdo.  By adding some front bangs and side parting, you can actually cover up the thinness of your hair.

4.Side Parted Wavy Messy Hairstyle

First, go for a layered hairdo.  The layers always make hair look voluminous than it is.  So, first, choose the best style of layers hairdo.  Depending on the length of your hair, choose the layers.  Now give them a wavy look and then part side dividing your hair by more than half.  Keep it messy so that it gives a cool look.  It is not at all advised to use any sort of electronic good for styling your hair.  But occasionally, you can give them a try.  You can use a curler and a paddle brush to make your hair look wavy.

5.Extreme Side Parted Asymmetrical Hairstyle

If your hair is very thin, then you can opt for this type of hairdo.  Extreme side parting can cover up your thin hair.  Asymmetrical hairstyle helps in covering thinness of the hair.  Asymmetrical hairstyle works same as the layered hairstyle in covering the thin hair.  To make this hairdo look more trendy and thick, make sure to add some extra touches like a feather does and side bangs to it.

6.Asymmetrical Side Parted Front Bangs

As I told in the earlier hairdo, asymmetrical hairdo can cover the thin hair just like layered hairdo did, this asymmetrical side-parted hairdo can work wonders in covering up the thinness of the hair.  This hairdo added up with bangs makes the hair look thicker and voluminous than it is.  The bangs should be taken on the sides of the hair so as to make it look more voluminous.

7.Side Parted Outward Feathered Banged Hairdo

This style of hairdo goes well with women with long and thin hair.  Women who love to have long hair can go for this style of hairdo.  First, get a side banged hairdo done to your hair by a professional hairstyle leaving remaining hair in sleek and symmetrical form.  To make the bangs and feathers direct in an outward direction, use a strong hold spray.

8.Front Banged Messy Hairdo

Front bangs can help a lot in covering up the thinness of hair.  Try front bangs and give them a wavy look.  The front bangs are best known for giving trendy looks to the young girls.  So, young girls with thin hair at the top can try this style of hairdo.  Front bangs may not always cover the thinness of the hair, so makes it messy to cover the thinness of your hair.

9.Choppy Short Cropped Layered Hairdo

This type of hairdo goes well with women who love to be different from others and who love to try different hairdos.  If you want to cover the thinness of the hair at the top along with being stylish and trendy with the updated fashions and styles, then go give this hairdo a try.  This layered choppy hairdo can help you achieve your goal of both being stylish and covering your thin hair.  Try some side parting along with this cropped layered hairdo to cover the front thinning of the hair.

10.Layered Curly Hairdo

Curls are always trendy no matter how long or short our hair is.  Curls give cuteness and sweetness to the face.  Curls accompanied by layers give a cute and trendy look to the hair.  People who are in their young age, but have lost the thickness of their hair can absolutely give this hairdo a try.  This layered hairdo accompanied with curls gives a cute look to the face.  You can bring some side sections of the hair to front and style them to make it look more like jazzed hairdo.

Bottom line:

So, these are the hairdos for thin hair.  Make certain to try them out on your hairs depending on the length of your hair.  Hope you enjoyed reading our article.  Feel free to leave us a comment.


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