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Easy Twisty Bun In 5 Minutes
Aug 15, 2016
Easy Twisty Bun In 5 Minutes

5 Minutes- Easy Twisty Bun

You must be surprised by looking at how to go with 5 minutes Easy Twisty Bun. Don’t worry if you are short haired, the short hair beauty boutique has a lot of styles to teach you and 5 minutes easy twist bun is one highlight among them. Since it requires just your hands and hairs, bye-bye second person. Be your own stylist. Speaking with a fashion eye braiding it technically not very appealing with short hair, still, the fashion statement is revised with a bun so formed.

Things you’ll need

1.    Hair Comb

2.    Elastic bands

3.    Hairspray

4.    Bobby pins

Do It Yourself

1.   Spray the hair serum over the hair and nourish it. Use the hair comb or a brush to precisely comb out the partitions for pigtails.  Secure the tails with an elastic band. Try to make a clear partition from the center, and fine prep the hair to avoid any tangles or frizz in the hair. You may either use a hair shampoo with conditioner and get dried prior to this.

Make a simple 2 section braid on both sides of the pigtail. Do not get the loops very tight as it may damage the hair follicle. On reaching the very tip of braid, you may use a mini elastic band to hold the braid structure securely.

   Give a visual approval before making the bun. Make sure that the hair structure is loose enough to accommodate a bun. In order to improve the texture, you may use the hair spray again.

Cross the braids and securely hold their tips on the inner part of bun with bobby pins.

That’s all folks! It’s very easy then you imagine, all it takes it just 5mniutes. 


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