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Fishtail Braid Hairstyle For Fashionable Look
Aug 15, 2016
Fishtail Braid Hairstyle For Fashionable Look

Hairstyle For Fashionable Look

The splash of style with the silky smooth strands of hair, this is what perfectly meant by the fishtail braid. It is one of the most popular among westerns due to its appeal. Though looks complex, it ain’t such hard to make on in your hair. Follow the tutorials:

Things that you’ll need:

1)       Hair brush or a comb

2)       Soft band

3)       Elastic bands

4)       Hairspray

Do It yourself:

Use the hair spray to condition the hair before braiding it.

1.       Take a small section from the left side and give it a mild twist. Do not make the twist tighter else it will be difficult to braid later.

2.       Take a similar section from right, twist it and secure them in the middle with the help of an elastic band.

3.       Now again get a similarly twisted section from left and right and secure them with the band over the previous fishtail.

4.       By this step, your fishtail structure starts to get the shape.

5.       You must carry on make similar smaller twisted tails and secure them over the existing rib.

6.       Atleast you might get a free section of hair, leave it as such and use the soft band or flower ribbon to fasten the very end of hair which will hold the fish tail. 


So that’s how you make the fish tail braid without sweating too much. It matches with almost all apparels you might go with. The trend is universal and you can find a lot of variation within the same style.


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