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Hairstyles for Curly Long Hair
Jun 27, 2016
Hairstyles for Curly Long Hair

Curly hairstyles are named for cuteness.  Curly crowning glory gives cutest looks to the girls that carry them.  You no need to style a curly hair, as curly hair by itself is a stylish statement.  

Born to be curly hair is a boon for people who have it.  Even though there are many ways to curl you tresses, natural curls stand at the top of the list.  Few people think that curls are a curse. 

But don’t ever do such a mistake by blaming your curls.  Because they are going to do wonders in your life by adding cute looks to your face.  These days, curly hairstyles are ruling the fashion world a lot. 

Many celebs and models are walking on ramps with curly hairdos.  One most important thing about curls is, the never look thin.  They look voluminous even though the hair is thin. 

It is the best pro that a curly hair carries.  But mistreating a curly hair would make it look worst at its best.  If you have curls associated with long hair, then it is the biggest boon on you. 

Long hair with curls gives extraordinary looks to the girls that carry them.  If you have a curly hair and want to style it, then get, set, go.  We are presenting you here the best long curly hairstyles at the present time.

1. Side Curls 


This side curls hairdo gives sharp looks to the girl that carries it.  Head of hair is styled to one side.  The first thing to be noted from the above picture is that the hair is soft.  It is curled lightly from the side to the down of the tresses.  As the hair is long, the curls look more beautiful. 

As the hair is styled to one side of the head, the curls look more attractive and beautiful. This hairdo goes well with people who have sharp looks and oval shaped face.  Make sure your hair is in its natural curl.  This hairdo looks at its best on black hair. 

2. Full curls


This full curly long hair gives a baby doll look to the girl that carries it.  The hair is born curly because of which it looks voluminous.  Curly hair always gives a voluminous look to the hair.  As curls wave, even though the hair is thin, it looks voluminous. 

As the hair is long, it gives an eye-catching look the hair and the women that carry it.  This hairdo goes well with the round shaped face.  The hair is colored with gray dye. 

3. Simple And Sophisticated Curls.


This is a simple hairdo that goes well with almost all types of faces.  The hair is divided unequally and then curled.  This is not a naturally curly hair.  The hair is curled in layers. 

The layers make the hair look even curlier than they actually are.  The layers range from small length hair to long length hair.  As we are trying curly hairstyles on long hair, this hairdo suits very well for people who have long hair with a layered cut. 

The hair is colored in gray to make it look more attractive.  This hairdo goes well with people who have diamond or oval shaped faces.  As the hair is divided into unequal divisions, it looks cooler adding curls to it. 

This hairdo looks best with people who have naturally curly hair.  With their natural curls divided into two unequal portions and then with layers ranging from small to large length tresses, it looks awesome at its best.

4. Messy Curls


Being messy itself is a style.  Don’t you believe me?  Believe your eyes at least.  The picture depicts that being messy itself is a style.  The hair is not curled.  It is a born to be curly hair. 

The hair is straightened in the front and it is puffed back with a huge puff on the front.  Few hairs are taken from the front session of the puff and divided in the middle.

They are curled in such a way that they fall on face adding more cuteness to the hairdo.  One thing to be noted here is, the hair that is taken out of the puff for curls is unequal on both sides. 

One side of the hair is a bit long and the other side of the hair is a bit short.  If observed carefully, you will notice that the hair from the puff session is again divided into two sessions.

The hair is divided in zig-zag fashion, which gives this hairdo more cool and trendy look.  Now, as the front part of the hair is set, it’s time to set out the back part of the hair. 

As front hair is puffed back, the hair on the sides is set free without pinning it or clipping it.  This gives an absolute chick look to the women who carries this style of hairdo. 

5. Long, Heavy Curls


This hairdo is one of the best hairdos that we can do with long curly hair.  The hair is not layered.  The hair is of the same length from top to bottom.  The front hair is taken out and straightened to side puff. 

The puff is very small that goes unnoticed by most of the people.  Instead of combing it picture perfectly, the hair is combed in a messy manner by leaving few hairs here and there.  This gives this hairdo more points. 

Leaving the front session of hair, the remaining hair is totally curled in circles.  If your hair is naturally curly, then it would be easy to curl it into circles.  On the other hand, if your hair is soft and straight, then try to curl it to the extent that the curls look the same from the top of the hair to the end point. 

Leave the hair as it is without much of combing.  The hair is colored in gray.  This hairdo goes well with people who are having diamond and oval-shaped faces. 

Are you planning for the party? If so! Then try any of the above hairdos to style your hair.  You will be the main dish in the party for sure.  If your hair is born to be curly, then you can make a great use of it by styling your hair in any of the above hairdos.  Make certain to choose the best hairdo that suits your face shape to make it look at its best.  


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