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Khaleesi Inspired Twist Tutorial
Aug 29, 2016
Khaleesi Inspired Twist Tutorial

Just a Quick DIY- Khaleesi Inspired Twist tutorial

Girls.. How about giving a twist of fiction inspired Khaleesi hair style. Those who have watched game of thrones could never miss the frames displaying her beautiful hair. Here is a basic Khaleesi-inspired hairstyle tutorial to make your hair look similar.

Things you’ll need:

1.    Hair brush

2.    Conditioner spray or serum

3.    Elastic bands

Do it yourself:

Use the conditioner spray to prep the hair for braiding process. You can use a comb to untangle the hair in order to ensure a smooth braid.

Grab a section of hair both sides and secure with an elastic band.

2.    Take this section and twist to make a ponytail in such a way to create a loop for the first section.

3.    Grab a new section from below the existing loop.

4.    Again repeat the step to make a loop impression you may also use elastic bands underneath each section for extra strength, but it optional.

5.    You may do it twice or thrice to make 2- 3 braids. But two braids would be a safe choice in order to safely hold the braids in place while.

6.    Make necessary adjustment to give a final perfection. That’s it folks, wave your hair to display the new style!

Bottom line:

So that’s how you make the Khaleesi-inspired braids, which fits all type of stature and face. If you are onto making an exact Khaleesi pattern, then you have to invest little time and money on the hair color.  The looping pattern is very simple modifying the existing design.


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