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Naturally Curly Hairstyles
Jun 27, 2016
Naturally Curly Hairstyles

Hair is the most important part of our body that is always used to give us a fashionable look.  It is a protein filament found in follicles, growing from our scalp skin.

Hair is not just seen as a part of our body but it often defines the person’s identity such as social status, age, gender, attitude etc. Often hair is also included as a part of fashion which makes one look more beautiful.

Are you all curly? Long gone are the days when long and straight hair was considered to be the only fashion statement. With times changing, now curly hair is in the air. Flaunt your hair with little curls and make your own statement with the below given top fashion statements with curly hair.

Some go for permanent curly hair. They end up spending a lot at the professional salon, but they can get curls which last for 6 months to one year. If you are blessed with naturally curly hair, you no longer need to take help of the flat iron.

Consider yourself lucky because curls are “in” this season and are here to stay. We see more and more celebrities and fashion-conscious women alike heading to the salon to get those gorgeous curly hairstyles.

A curly hairstyle can easily emphasize your looks; it is fashionable, feminine and chic. Moreover, curls, when styled the right way can look playful and flirtatious and work effortlessly towards raising the glam quotient. 

Being with curly hair is bliss in this modern day world. Ditch the hair straightening material and the hot iron to flat out. Including celebrities and fashion divas, the “In” season style statement is given by curly hair look. Don’t comb your hair much and leave it right away.

Curly -hair gives the chic, feminine look and also accentuates your looks even more fashionably. Got wavy hair? Give it a curl at the bottom; gives you a chic and sexy look right away.

Naturally, Curly Hairstyles

Secondly, got long and soft hair? Curl it from the top; soft, long wavy hair is a right on top of the list of fashion divas. Or do you worry about your short curly hair? Give it a face framing layered cut and your looks will definitely get the desired oohs and aahs.

Already got curly hair? Flaunt it with little spikes and a touch of your favorite color as streaks here and there, or twirl it a bit more and tie it up to give a Mohawk or a ponytail look and you got your rock diva look instantly.

There’s always the springy curly hair fever around. Give your curls a nice spring type look with a bit hair spray and set it out. The bouncy spirals always turn heads.

Tie your natural curls into a braid or a bun. This type of hair styles always works even on those bad – hair days.

Pull half of your hair back as you smooth it with your hands. Tie it with a barrette or elastic that matches your hair color.  And leave the rest of the hair curly twisting them downwards. This gives your hair half – up and half – down curly looks.  Flaunt this hair style with a spaghetti dress to  make you the center of attention.

Don’t have a curly hair to try the above hair styles? No problem. Just give a twist to your mid length cut hair at the bottom. You have a flawless curly look which gives you a younger look.

The pixie curls are the way to get you out of the box. Make yourself babylicious with the pixie curls.

Curl Up Pony:-


Clear shampoo the hair first. Generally, curly hair doesn’t need much to do with moisturizer. The less you do to them, the better they look. After washing, apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner to damp hair, and then comb it through with a wide-tooth comb once your hair is dry. The more you touch it while it’s dry, the more frizzes you’re going to get. To prevent frizzes do not wash hair daily. If you’re using a sulfate-based shampoo, wash your hair one to two times a week max. If you’re using a sulfate-free cleanser, you can wash every other day if needed. 

Now secure the hair at one of the corners. Braid it if you don’t want a puffy look. Or leave it and tie to a band.

Long Blond Curls:-


We see many of the red carpet models and celebrities walking with those blond curls. They may be permanent or temporary, but they go as per the attire and ambiance and requirement. It’s simple blond color highlights and curls. If you want to flaunt beautiful healthy long tight curls, then pick this style.

Bouncy Curls:-


Bouncy curls are great for long or short or medium hair lengths. It looks flaunting and  totally rocking glamorous curly hairstyle with loose soft bouncy curls forming lustrous ringlets which emphasize her beauty manifold and help her grab all the attention of onlookers

You need special gels and conditioners to get this bouncy look. While setting these hair style professionals you blow dry on high speed to get that bouncy look. They may not use hair setting spray as the bounce effect may not appear great.

Wavy Curls:-


Wavy curls give a very special and pleasant look as we are waving the curls. Waving the straight or silky hair is routine. But waving curly hair is something little different and unique.  You will probably want a conditioner for washing your scalp, a thick moisturizing conditioner to moisturize the length of your hair, and a conditioner to leave in during the day. 

You can go for natural moisturizers like henna or some herbal packs or You can use the same conditioner or different ones. You will also want any serums, gels, or mousses, but keep in mind these all need to be free of silicones. You may also want a sulfate free shampoo if you spend a lot of time in chlorine.


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