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Permanent Hair Straightening Techniques And Its Cons
Aug 17, 2016
Permanent Hair Straightening Techniques And Its Cons

For women, their crowning glory is no less than a diamond ornament.  They tend to do anything to brandish their tresses.  They implement ad hoc measures to prettify their tresses.  They take the best care of their hair, sometimes even more than their own health.

They do every possible thing to protect it from damage.  Tresses are the beauty enhancing factors for women.  Even though they are beautiful, if they are not having a beautiful head of hair then they would be considered as average looking.  So in order to maintain it, they give everything a try.

Permanent Hair Straightening Techniques And It's Cons

They try different hair products and tools to spruce up their strands. Few women will have long and straight tresses by birth, few women will have short curly tresses, few women will have silky and shining hair etc, but fashion and trend for hairstyles change every so often. 

Few women may like the hair they were born with and few may not.  Most of the women these days prefer straight hair on other hair types.  So in sequence to get the hair type they want, they are showing interest towards permanent hair straightening.

Few people are going for it with well-versed knowledge and few are just blindly going for it without knowing what exactly permanent hair straightening is.

What exactly permanent hair straightening is?

Permanent Hair Straightening is a process, which involves removing of wavy curls permanently using chemical treatments in trim to give you a straight and shiny looking hair.  There are various ways to do permanent hair straightening and the common processes uses are only two.

The process includes sodium based product application on your hair to break the Kertain structure and make it more convenient.

The second process includes the use of an oxidant that helps to neutralize the keratin action to set the fibers of your hair in the shape you desire them to be.

Cost of Permanent Hair Straightening

It depends on the salon you choose to do it in.  Usually, it costs around Rs.4000 to Rs.6000 and the brand you choice.  There are hi-fi salons who offers branded straightening treatments to its customers, which lasts longer than usual treatments.

Types of Permanent Hair straightening

There are varieties of permanent hair straightening treatments and techniques.  Even though the final result is the same straight hair, the process involved doing it is different.

Keratin treatment

Japanese straightening (thermal reconditioning)

Chemically straightened hair

Let us see what yes indeed these techniques are about.

Keratin treatment or the Brazillian straightening technique

Keratin treatment is the most employed treatment by most of the people for hair straightening.  This treatment involves appending the coat of keratin to your hair shaft, which makes your hair silky, shiny and straight. 

Compared with other unsafe hair straightening techniques, which may damage your strands in the remote future it is a far better technique which is safer and also gives long lasting straight hair.  

The keratin used on the hair wear away the frizz to some extent and makes your hair straight.  This technique goes well on hair that is damaged and is chemically treated before.

Even though it is named as a permanent solution for straight hair, it just lasts for six months.  The best thing about this technique is that your hair will come back to its original state without any signs of damage.  This technique can be done multiple times without many side effects.  This is the reason why most of the people are showing interest in this technique.

Japanese Straightening or Thermal reconditioning

This technique uses both chemicals and heat treatments.  This process of straightening includes the application of chemicals for about 15 to 20 minutes to break the bonds of the hair.

After the time frame hair is subjected to extreme heat to angle the bonds of the hair into straight type. Again to lock the bonds chemicals are applied to the hair.

This technique is not so popular as it does not give full on results.  It totally depends on the type of hair you have.  If your hair is too curly it may not manage to give you perfect straight hair.

 Even though it does, it won’t last longer.  If your hair is already silky then this process could help a great deal to keep it shiny and straight.  This chemical treatment cannot be done on hair that has already been subjected to chemical treatments before. 

This technique, in turn, involves usage of different chemicals.  Before going for it, it would be better to consult the specialist who is aware of the pros and cons of the chemicals used on the hair for straightening.

Chemical Straightening

This technique is also called as hair relaxing technique. This technique involves breaking of protein bonds in the hair rather than breaking the bonds of the hair.  The more bonds are broken, the more curly and wavy hair become straight.

This process asks for professional people who can do it in the right way.  If wrong combinations of chemicals are used then many bonds of the hair will be broken leaving your hair limp and if enough bonds are not broken then the hair won't’  be straightened.  So this process involves the little use of the brain.

Along with salon treatments for getting permanent straight hair, there are also products in the market that were specially designed to straight the hair just by sitting at home.

As the permanent straightening is a matter of expensive process, not everyone can afford it.  So people who want to give them the home kits a try can definitely go for it, but have to keep their full attention on the products they are using on their hair and be aware of the effects of those products on their hair so as to avoid further issues.

Cons of Permanent hair straightening

When the hair grows, the hair looks mad with a mix of straight hair and your own original hair.

You have to go for repeat sessions every time the straight look is lost. Because of the chemicals and heat used in the process, the hair will become dry and fizzy.

The use of chemicals may leave your scalp with dandruff, itchiness etc. The hair may be damaged from the roots. Have to face problems like hair fall, split ends and loss of originality.

If you have chosen to go for permanent hair straightening then make sure to have good nutrition and take the suggestions from the stylists on how to handle your hair to let the straightened hair last longer etc.  Don’t use all kinds of products on your hair without recommendation.

And lastly happy hair straightening!!!


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