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Puffy Hair Styles For You In Step by Step Guide
Aug 17, 2016
Puffy Hair Styles For You In Step by Step Guide

Puff Hairstyles: Step by Step Guide

One of the trendy hairstyles these days is puff hairstyle from celebrities to college girls. This hair style suits for ladies of all age groups.  There are a number of ways to create a puff hairstyle. Even if you do not have bangs you can try this style. One of the best things about this hairstyle is that it can be easily created for any type of hair with any length. For those who have outgrown bangs, this hair is suited most.

You should have noticed that most of the women and also celebrities have this hair style very common. This hairstyle hardly needs five minutes to get it done which is why most of the young women try this stylish look. You can make side puffy or vertical puffy or double puffy on the top of hair as big or small as you want. There are different kinds of creating a trendy puff hairstyle

Let’s discuss step by step methods for the different puff hairstyles:

Front Puff Hairstyles:-

Comb your hair and make them free.

Take a small section of the hair and pull them up.

Roll the above section of hair until the puff is intact with a better shape.

Bend the puff carefully on the top without messing the hair or shape of the puff.

Then move slowly the puff towards the front with the help of fingers. Also, set the height of the puff accordingly while doing moving the front forward. Do these steps slowly so that you do not mess up the puff. Using a mirror will help you.

Secure the puff with a clutch or bobby pins and leave the rest of the hair open or try a pony according to your preference.

Side Puff Hairstyle:-

Comb your hair towards your side. Let’s try out right side puff but you can try out left side too in a similar manner.

Take a small section of hair strands which is towards your right using which a puff will be made.

Roll the puff 3 to 4 times and bend the curve.

Move the puff forward with the help of your fingers gently without messing the hair.

Also, adjust the height of the puff and then secure it with the help of clutch or bobby pins.

Depending upon your choice, leave the rest of the hair open or tie it.

The Double Puff Hairstyles:-

Things you need to make this puff are hair brush, thin hair comb, bobby pins/ clip, hair spray and a rubber band. Get ready with all these items and try to puff hairstyle.

Comb your hair and take small section of front part of hair

Make a small puff with that and secure it with bobby pins

Apply hairspray to stand puff on its own

Make two sections from rest of hair and then leave the back section alone

Make three partitions from front hair with the center one as prominent and make a puff

Apply spray and hold puff with bobby pins or clip.

Tie the hair up and make a ponytail or anything else based on your interest

Spilt Puff Hairstyle:-

Firstly comb your hair neatly and separate it into two parts.

Take small section of hair and make a puff on both sides

Secure both puffs with bobby pins and apply hair spray

Twist the rest of hair to make a stylish bun and secure it with help of tight bobby pins

This hair style will set good luck for cheekbones and looks very elegant

The puff hairstyle can be further enhanced by bun style or a split puff or a puff braid or a twist puff. The puff hairstyle can easily be combined with any hairstyle that you are familiar with. It gives extra height for short girls and gives a prominent feature for your face.

There are various accessories, hair bands that you can look for to enhance your hair style. Look for a perfect earring, which completes your perfect hair style.


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