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Tie The Knot Updo
Aug 26, 2016
Tie The Knot Updo


Might look similar to the fishtail braid bun, but the authentic look is astonishing. Knot updo suits dark colored hair best. Let us see how to make the knot updo.

Things you’ll need.

1. Hair brush

2. A comb

3. Hair Spray serum

4. Elastic bands

5. Bobby Pin.

6. Flower crown

Do it yourself:

1. Use the hairspray and untangle hair strands if any. Us the brush to straighten the hair as straight as possible. A serum spray might help with this. Divide the back tail into two sections and secure it with an elastic band.

2. Take each section and make a normal three loop braid.

3. Repeat the same on other side too.

Pro Tip: while using the bobby pins you shall spray the hair spray directly over the pin inorder to easily slide them over the hair. This will help to secure hair without falling braid loops since hair spray acts as a natural lubricant.

4. Check the consistency and give a visual approval to determine the proportion, thickness and loop pattern perfection.

5. Gently slack off the right braid if they are too tight. Too-tight braids might hurt and cause uneven strain on hair strands. The right braid forms the bun, therefore, needs to be a little loose than other one. 

6. Take the left braid and loop it under the right one and secure on the same root with a bobby pin.

7. Form a bun with the right braid such that it is confined within the left one. Use the flower crown for decoration.

So that’s how you make Knot Updo! 



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