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Triple Braided Bun with Flower Crown- Bridal Hairstyles
Aug 14, 2016
Triple Braided Bun with Flower Crown- Bridal Hairstyles

Triple Braided Bun with Flower Crown- Bridal Hairstyles

Say your hair isn’t so smooth and silky, but want to display the elegant bundle of fashion and style without fixing a salon appointment, the triple braided bun is specifically designed for you. Let’s brush up our skills!

Things you’ll need:

1.    Conditioner oil

2.    Hair elastic bands

3.    Bobby pins

4.    Floral Flower crown

5.    Frizz remover hairspray

Do It Yourself:

1) Apply a handful of oil to strands focused on the tips to medium length avoiding roots. This helps the strands get a healthy look without frizz. Now split the hair into three equal sections and make a ponytail securing each with an elastic band.


2) Braid each ponytail with tiny subsections and lock them with another set of elastic bands. Make sure three of them look identical. You may use the hairspray at this stage in order to make them frizz free and fetch the clean look.

3) Pull the leftmost braid, convolute them into a bun and fasten with the help of pins.


4) Repeat the same with middle and right braid, where lopping it made above the existing left bun this time.


5) Secure all the braids with enough bobby pins and give one final look to visually approve the perfect large bun shape, else do tiny adjustments without disturbing whole structure. The first lopped left bun is the foundation for perfect consecutive buns, so make sure that you do the step 3 flawlessly.


6) Simply spring in the readymade flower crown and give a final touch to embrace that perfect look.


So that’s, just give a new try to master the triple braided bun. This might be a new look which you wanna try for something special occasions like wedding, or parties.


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