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10 Natural Remedies for Sore Throat
Jun 24, 2016
10 Natural Remedies for Sore Throat

Imagine you are eating your favorite dish and suddenly your throat got choked, sore what is your feeling?  You must be literally crying.  Isn’t it?  When your throat gets chocked(sore), the supply of oxygen will stop for a while.  It will regulate your functions as you will be in a shock for a while.

Chocking is stoppage of food in food pipe.  We are here to give you some tips on instant dealing on choking throat.  There are many natural remedies to treat choked throat.  Let us see what are they and how they work to relieve you from chocked throat.

1. Boiled Rice

Boiled rice is one of our best home remedies for treating chocked throat.  Just take some boiled rice and swallow it.  Boiled rice sticks to the stopped food in the food pipe which makes it heavy and helps pulls it down from the food pipe creating a way into the stomach.

2. Pat on Back                             

This is an old style of treating our chocked throat.  This is a effective technique especially when children are the victims of chocked throat.  If a person is suffering with chocked throat, all you need to do is just pat him on his back so that the food stopped in the throat will move into the stomach.  It is one of the best remedies to treat chocked throat.

3. Raw Egg

Raw egg is one the remedies for chocked throat.  Just swallow a raw egg and see what happens.  It will relieve your throat from chocking instantly.

4. Water

Water is the first thing we take when our throat get chocked.  It helps in easy digestion of food.  Water should be sipped slowly in order to stimulate swallowing and thereby removing the stoppage that caused the chock.  In addition to water, it would be better to take liquid items in order to clear the choked throat quickly.

5. Fruits

Fruits like papaya and banana work well for chocked throat problem.  They are soft and easy to eat.  It was suggested not to eat much of hard fruits as they may injure your throat more. 

6. Vinegar

If your throat is chocked because of fish bone or chicken bone, then vinegar is the best remedy to push it down into the stomach.  Just pour some vinegar into your mouth and gargle it for a while.

The vinegar solution has the ability of reducing the size of the bone into smaller size which automatically gets down into the stomach.  Take some smashed potato after gargling with vinegar.  It will be more effective when potato is added in the procedure.

7. Clematis

Clematis is best known for its therapeutic properties.  Clematis decoction is used in treatment of chocked throat.  The process is, take a boiled clematis root and add some brown sugar and vinegar to this decoction.  Drink this decoction 2 to 3 times in a day which will help in softening the food that chocked the throat.

8. Heimlich Maneuvre


Mr. Heimlich has invented this method to treat chocked throat.  Chocked throat can be caused by chicken bones, beef, hot dogs, coins, pills and sweet.  Heimlich has proven that if the object that is for obstruction is too big and can be seen by the victim, then he can just use his finger to take out that.  It should be done carefully with confidence because, if not done properly, it may lead to another issue. 

9. Orange and Lemon Juice

Drinking orange or lemon juice is a oldest way of treating chocked throat problem.  If a fishbone is the object that has caused chocked throat, then just drink some orange or lemon juice. 

Orange and lemon juices are rich in citric acid which helps in softening the bone so that it becomes smaller in size and thereby gets down into the stomach.

10. Dealing with Infants

While we have many ways to treat chocked threat, there is this one way to treat the infants with chocked throat.  Hold the child upside down with his face facing down.  Pat him on his back for five times by holding him in that position.  This will work well for infants with chocked throat.

These are the home remedies for dealing with chocked throat.  Make sure you use these remedies if you or any of your family or friends suffer with it, and see the results. 


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