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Bad Habits At Dining Table
Jun 23, 2016
Bad Habits At Dining Table

Human civilization is about 20000 years old, means it's then we started to think about civilizing our activity. For at least last 5000 years table manners has been followed by everyone. You might have seen some old paintings or Egyptian carvings in which it depicts people gathered around a large table to eat food.

That’s an old story, this is the technological era where humans study themselves and wander in search of beginning of all, the God. Humans have etiquette and principles to live in this earth.

As a result, we have made several rules and regulations in order to polish our behavioral activates, still at some point the unethical conduct flash out of us enough to plot us as a potato. 

Humans are prone to commit mistakes, but repeating them is the problem. Let us see some common mistakes that we make while dining.

Common mistakes

Chew the food with mouth opened: This is the most popular and common one, at least, we might have done it once in our life too. Most of the people don’t know that this is bad manners; the science behind this says if excess air gets in with food it slows the digestion.

Speaking with mouthful: If we dine in with family, then mouth works for dual purpose, one to eat and other to talk, but speaking with mouthful of food is considered as a bad habit.

Stuffing: Some love to eat, but when everything comes inform of us, they might forget the dining etiquettes, food goes in batches to mouth, similar like we stuff chicken and at least give it a hard chew too. Never ever do that!

Food out of plate: It’s often committed by small kids, but they can be corrected, what if food spills out of plate while you are eating? So, always make sure that while you eat, food remains inside your mouth and plate, nowhere else.

Do not taunt with utensils: Utensils are meant to carry food, they must be always placed above table properly covered, never make them a toy or play with them. Pay respect!

Blowing hot beverage: This is another super common phenomenon, actually, nobody could accept this as a bad manner either, but the fact is blowing food isn’t a part of good manners. Leave them opened if you want to cool down.

Hand gestures: Some might give a hand gesture to server while at restaurant; according to good manners it would be great if you can pay back the politeness they give you by speaking back your reply.

Picking Teeth: Oh C’mon! If we can’t pick the teeth how am I supposed to get rid of food remaining’s? Well, actually picking the teeth on very in front of the food is a bad thing, but if it's necessary, you can relocate from the board and do it without catching others attention.

Droopy postures: when you are about to eat food make up a good sitting posture, keeping hands parallel to plates or on the chair rest. This way you pay some respect to process about to happen!

assing the time playing: If you are waiting for the food’s arrival, in the mean time you might go fidget checking hair, moving chair, adjusting jewelry, playing with glass or water, but understand that these things are considered to be bad table manners.

So, you now have an idea on list of things that you must change while dining. Always, food is the only reason why we are alive, so it would be very great if we can follow some small behavioral rules in order to pay little respect to the things that keeps us alive! 


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