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Home Remedies For Foot Pain-Toe Pain
Jun 17, 2016
Home Remedies For Foot Pain-Toe Pain

Toe pain can occur due to injuries or abnormalities to any part of the toe that includes nerves, skin, bones, soft tissues and blood vessels. It is a common problem observed in many people and it usually occurs when people are exposed to injuries through a walk or move around the bed post or shoe bites etc.

 The most common reasons for the toes pain is, ingrown toenails, arthritis, cuts, blisters, corns and calluses etc. Infections and arthritis including gouts can cause toe pain. In this way there are many reasons. In order to know them clearly and get the remedy for it, read out the complete article.

Common Causes and Remedies for Toes Pain

1. Gout and Its Treatment

Gout is one of the reasons for toes pain. It is an inflammatory condition where crystals get deposit on the joints leading to severe swelling and pain in toes. Usually the big toe gets affected with this gout. To treat this gouts that causes toes pain you need to follow the below steps.

Ways to Treat Gouts:-

You need to take doctor prescribed medications and pain relievers to get rid of the pain. Take plenty of rest. Put some diet restrictions to prevent these gout attacks. You can either use a home remedy to get rid of the toes pain. For this, you can make use of a lemon juice.

Mix lemon juice with one-half teaspoon of baking soda and leave it for few minutes i.e., until the fizzing stops. Now, mix it in a glass of water and drink it as soon as possible. This can give you relief from the gout pain.

2. Hammer, Claw Toes and Its Treatment

Hammer toe is due to the near joints bend in the toe which creates an appearance like hammer. This can be either because of muscle-tendon imbalance or because of wearing tight shoes.

Claw toe is when the joints at the edge of the toe is not able to be straight which causes the toes to move down or up. This may be because of muscle weakness, nerve damage, diabetes etc. To treat both claw and hammer toes follow below given instructions.

Ways to Treat Hammer and Claw Toes:-

Avoid high tight shoes and high heels. Use better foot wear that suits your feet. Do some stretching exercises for toes as well as toe joints. Use shoe inserts and orthotics. All these may help you solve the problem and get rid of the pain caused by hammer and claw toes.

3. Ingrown Toenails and Its Treatment

Ingrown toenail is one more reason for toes pain. They occur when the skin on one or two sides of the nails grow over your nails. This is very painful and also may lead to infections.

Ways to Treat Ingrown Toenails:-

You can treat this naturally by soaking your feet in the hot or warm water for few minutes. Repeat it at least for four times a day to get rid of the pain. Daily once, hold a piece of gauze in between the wet skin and the nails.

If using the above treatments doesn’t work out, better consult a physician or podiatrist.

4. Toe Fracture and Its Treatment

This may occur at any bones of the toes. If it minor you just require using pain relievers, putting ice on that part and taking plenty of rest. If it is severe better consult your physician and take their help. Though it is minor or major, better consult doctor at first.

5. Toe Sprain and Its Treatment

This occur when stubbing or jamming of the toe damages the soft or tendon tissues of the toes. The pain and swelling can be treated by soaking your toes in warm water and is subsided within few days doing this frequently. If there is a fracture, consult your doctor.

6. Sesamoid Fracture and Its Treatment

It is a fracture of the small bones that are embedded in tendons joining your big toe. When you have this fracture, you will have pain in around the big toe.

Ways to Treat Sesamoid Fracture:-

Use ice to get relief from pain.

Elevation of toes.

Use pain relievers.

Immobilize the toe and the foot.

Take plenty of rest.

Wear stiff-soled shoes or foot pads to get relief from the pressure.

7. Hallux Rigidus and Its Treatment

It is also known as stiff big toe is a degenerative arthritis which is at the base of your toe. Symptoms of this are stiffness and pain at the joint which even worsen over the time. Stretching exercise and using pain relievers is the best treatment for this. In some cases you need to go for surgery if suggested by your physician.

8. Corns and Callus and Its Treatment

Corns are a thick buildup of hard skin on a point of pressure or irritation on the toe or else foot.  They appear like a horn. But, callus is in wider area tough skin which is in response to pressure or irritation. It usually caused by using poor foot wear.

Ways to Treat Corns and Callus:-

Wear good and better fitting shoes.

Soak the foot in warm water.

Use a pumice stone to wear of the extra or hard skin.

These are the common causes and treatments available for toes pain and its associated problems. Apart from following those relevant treatments, you should also drink plenty of water, take rest, get maximum alleviation massage rub daily and avoid those foods that worsen your toes pain and its problems.

This is how you can get relief from toes pain. So, follow the treatments regularly until your toes pain goes away and have healthy toes without any problems. If situation worsens better consult your physician.


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