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Home Remedies To Protect From The Flu
Dec 22, 2016
Home Remedies To Protect From The Flu

 Remedies To Protect From The Flu

Prevention and remedy of flu, URI, and different cold-related sicknesses might not most effectively be powerful, however, tasty too. It is sufficiently sufficient to encompass a few simple and healthful meals into your weight loss plan.

Prevention and remedy of flu, URI, and different bloodless-associated diseases might not handiest be effective, however, tasty too. It is sufficient enough to encompass a few easy and wholesome foods into your weight-loss plan.

The lemon is an to be had a product containing a high dose of vitamin C and important oils. Therefore, nearly each recipe of domestic-made remedies for treating flu and URI consist of a lemon as the important thing or extra aspect.

The ginger root includes a large variety of substances with antiviral and immunomodulatory results. Ginger has an antimicrobial effect and helps the normal action of the bowels. It triggers sweating and gets rid of pollutants from the body. The endorsed dose of ginger is 10 grams a day for a person and no longer greater than five grams for a kid. It is a remarkable remedy for flu and URI treatments.

Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe

Chop 1 lemon and 3 cm of ginger root, then upload clean boiling water. Add honey of your choosing. Leave to brew for some time. If you wish, taste your tea with some cloves, a cinnamon stick, multiple portions of allspice and peppermint. When you have the first signs of a chilly, consuming tea may additionally save you the cold from progressing. If a person is already sick, ginger tea will help relieve bloodless signs and symptoms and accelerate the healing procedure. Ginger tea is usually recommended to be consumed each day all through a flu epidemic duration for the remedy of flu and URI. For your convenience, you can pour ginger tea into a thermos and take it with you in the workplace or provide it to your baby while she or he is going to high school.


Garlic is a powerful natural antiviral agent. For flu and URI prevention, it's far advocated to eat a clove of garlic every day. For a more performance and flu prevention, you can dangle a clove of garlic under your clothes on a thin thread.


Almonds are a source of nutrition E which strengthens the cellular membranes and will increase their resistance to virus access.


Yogurt which ought to contain probiotics. Ingesting certain probiotic yogurts will help normalize bowel movement and growth your body's resistance.

Bottom Line

A recipe of a diet combination to reinforce the immune system and save you from flu and URI

4-5 lemons, 1 kg of apricot halves, 1 kg of dried plums or raisins, 1 liter of honey, and 4-5 cloves of garlic, 1 kg of almonds or walnuts. Mince the dried fruits, lemon, nuts and garlic and blend them with honey. Take one teaspoon of this combination every day before consuming.


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