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How To Improve Your Memory Power
Jun 23, 2016
How To Improve Your Memory Power

Are you often forgetting doing the things? Then you are losing your memory slowly. These problems are more common with the ageing process and many other factors like stress, sleep deprivation, depression, drinking alcohol, smoking and also use of few medications.

There are also some health conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's etc that lead to these memory problems. So when you are facing such problems, you better needs to consult the doctor for treatment. You can also try some home remedies for the general problems and make some changes in your life. All these remedies are listed below.


If you have the weak memory, then rosemary is one of the best herbs that is famous to treat this problem. Sniffing it aroma can even help you improve your prospective memory which is important for daily functioning.

Prospective memory is nothing but ability of remembering the thing that you need to do in future. So, you need to steep the dried rosemary in 1 cup of boiling water for at least 5 minutes.

Then strain it in a cup and drink it. If necessary add honey to it. Make a habit of drinking this daily for few days to get best results. Children below the age of 18 shouldn't follow this remedy.


Brahmi is a great Ayurvedic herb which acts as a tonic for brain which has both neuro-protective and anti-oxidant effects. So, it is suggested that you need to consume at least 2 to 3 spoons of the Brahmi juice directly or adding honey to it every day.

You can also add one half tbsp of brahmi powder in a cup of warm milk along with cardamom powder and drink it 2 times daily. You can even take this as a supplement but only after consulting the doctor. Follow any of the remedies for few weeks.

Black Seed:

The scientific name of this Black seed is Nigella Sativa. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and neuron protecting properties in it. According to a journal, it is said that people who took capsules of 500 mg containing ground black seed powder everyday have showed improvements in memory, cognition and attention when compared to those people who took placebo.

So, mix honey with these black seed powder and consume it daily for few weeks or use it as a supplement after consulting your physician.

Fish Oil:

It is a good remedy which is found to improve memory as well as on reducing the cognitive decline. Omega-3 fatty acids and the DHA that are found in this fish oil helps a lot. DHA avoids forming the brain plaques that are associated with Alzheimer's diseases.

So, you can include fishes like, salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines in your diet at least twice in a week. You can also take the fish oil supplements for best results but better consult doctor for knowing about the suitability and the dosage.

Cinnamon As well as Honey:

Both of these are great remedies for improving your memory and in relieving the tension of your nervous. You can just simply smell it and improve the cognitive functioning and the memory too.

Eating honey at the night before going to bed is also a good way to prevent the metabolic stress, promote sleep and improve memory. You can also add a pinch of cinnamon with raw honey and eat it every night for few months. This gives you good results.

Ginkgo Biloba:

This is more often used for the disorders of memory. This works by improving the flow of blood in to your brain for making it function properly. It not only boosts the memory but also helps those who are suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia diseases.

According to journal it is very useful for boosting the memory of a healthy person. You can take this daily in the recommended portions. But before that it is recommended to consult the doctor to know about the right dosage as well as the suitability of this for your health conditions as it may interact with few medications.

Coconut Oil:

It is a great fuel for your brain cells and thus boosts the cognitive functioning as well as the memory. Coconut oil is a great remedy for preventing the Alzheimer's and dementia diseases. It also has several other benefits for your skin and hair too.

So it is necessary that you should consume organic, virgin and cold pressed oil everyday 2 times. You can also use in baking smoothes, salads and many other food items and eat them. Both of these are the great ways to improve your memory. So follow them daily for best results.


It is an excellent remedy to help boost the power of your brain and also the memory. Almonds are high in omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants which are essential for boosting the power of your memory. They are also beneficial for eyes.

So, soak these almonds in a cup of water in the night time. Peel them in the next morning and grind them. Later add this paste in a cup or 1 glass of milk along with honey or sugar for taste and drink it daily at least for 1 month. Following this yields you best results in improving the memory in no time.

These are the top home remedies that you can make use of to treat your brain diseases and help it improve the memory even at your older age.

So follow them regularly. Also take the advice of the doctor before using these remedies. Hope, these remedies will improve your memory quickly.


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