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Reasons behind Fingers Getting Prune after Bath
Jun 14, 2016
Reasons behind Fingers Getting Prune after Bath

Reasons behind Fingers Getting Prune after Bath


Hey, buddies!  We are here today to share with you the science behind something that we go through every day, but press the neglect button on noticing it. Have you ever given it a thought, after all, why do they turn prune on getting wet? 

If not, let us tell you that there is science in it, knowing would be quite interesting.  So we are putting forth some interesting science before you today.

We bath every day and some of us even do some home chores like washing clothes, dishes etc.  While doing those chores for a long time or staying in the water for a long time while bathing, our hands and feet get prune.  The point to be noted here is why does only hands and feet turn prune and why not the entire body. 

If you can see, there are two questions here.  One is why do our fingers get prune when they are wet and second one is why only hands and feet go through such a situation leaving the entire body unaffected.

Few people have the habit of swimming regularly and few people set their schedule in such a way that they spend their relaxing time in their bathtub filled with hot water crooning their all-time favorites. 

Such people will notice this condition a lot.  The boon about this condition is that it is not permanent.  It is a temporary condition that just stays for a while and goes away unnoticed.

Many questions have been asked to the scientists on why this condition arises and they did enough quest and research to find out the real culprit of the cause.  It is quite a mystery why do they go prune on going into the water.  And scientists have finally broken the chains of mystery and we are here with the answer.

Our main intention of staying more time in the bathtub is to clean the body to the core, but in turn, we will be credited with something like a prune on hands and feet.

Let us know the reasons behind fingers getting prune while they are wet.

There is more than one reason why they the finger turn wrinkly while they are wet.  Few stories prevail saying that this condition is due to the loss of oils.  It is a known fact that there are oils present on the top layer of the skin.  These oils are produced naturally and stick to the outmost layer of the skin.  These oils are invisible and shield our skin from damage. 

When we take a quick shower the oils on the body won’t get washed off whereas when you schedule a long session of bathing in the bath tub the oils will slowly get off the body. 

Washing away of oils from the body is a temporary process and so it will generate again after some time.  As the oil acts as a protective shield for the skin, once it is washed away by long bathing session slowly water starts to get absorbed into the top layer of the skin, which leads to temporary prunes or wrinkles on hands and feet.

The situation is not the same with all parts of the body.  You can witness this situation only on hands and feet.  The remaining parts of the body do not show any such sort of wrinkling effects (not even temporarily).

This is not a magic or something else; it is called as science.  The logic behind this condition is that the top layer of skin on hands and feet is thicker than the other areas of the skin.

The thicker layer of skin on hands and feet contains numerous dead skin cells compared to other parts of the body. These dead skin cells soak up water like an efficient sponge while the thinner skin on the rest of your body is less affected.

If you see the prune fingers and feet that means your fingertips are waterlogged and are soaked in water completely.  The water that is absorbed into the epidermis (top layer of skin) is the cause of swelling like phenomenon on hands and feet.  This is not the case with other parts of the body whose skin is thin and contains less dead skin cells. 

Also, the inner layers of the skin are attached to fibers in the skin and do not swell.  So it is clear cut that the swelling of the top layer of the skin is the reason behind the appearance of prunes on the fingers and feet after a long bathing session in your bath tub.

There are ways you can safeguard your hands and feet while working with water by putting on rubber gloves to your hands.  You can take the help of rubber gloves while doing home chores and other works that involve the use of water.

Few think that osmosis is the reason for the cause of wrinkles on the hands and feet, but it is undeniably untrue.  So you no need to worry that it is due to osmosis or some other skin condition that these wrinkling effects are caused on hands and feet. 

If osmosis is the cause of the wrinkles then the swelling would have been witnessed all over the skin, but it is not the condition and so the culprit is ultimately water, water, and water.

If you like those wrinkly appearances on your skin just enjoy your long session bathing crooning your favorite tracks, but for God’s sake please don’t skip your bathing.  Just kidding!  Make certain to share your opinions with us.    


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