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Varicose Veins Home Treatment
Jun 21, 2016
Varicose Veins Home Treatment

How to Treat Varicose Veins at Home

Varicose veins in the medical context mean swelling of veins; which happen due to injury, blood clotting, and other tissue disorders. They can be a serious problem if not taken proper care at the right time, therefore, varicose vein is taken to a hospital only during a critical condition where the swollen veins might wave a scope for any kind of infection, else the treatment can be done in the safety of one’s own shelter.

When it comes to home treatment, usually a doctor prescribes a set of medicine which helps to improve the blood circulation through the vein, thereby eliminating any chance of blood clots from occurring.

There are lot chemical drugs, plant alkaloids and extracts used for treating varicose veins. Indian traditional medicines have a miraculous history of treating varicose veins, such that most of the pharmaceutical companies spend some time and money researching an effective remedy revolving plants.

Winters always gift a bad memory for varicose sufferers, because in cold temperature the muscles demand comparably less oxygen concentration, as a result the blood circulation becomes lazy and those veins that are already on the verge of a varicose syndrome most probably go swollen and clots blood.

There are some basic and fundamental treatments that are very helpful in the treatment of muscular disorders and varicose veins they are:

• Exercise: 

An exercise is a single solution to many of your body problems and it is very important for your muscles. If you are not able to do exercises or don’t have enough time for it, then a simple walk can also serve the purpose for you. Walking itself is an effective exercise which helps to revert the blood circulation thereby keeping varicose veins away.

• Body Weight:

Maintaining a healthy body weight can reduce your many health issues, unwanted fat or obesity makes your body prone to various health related problems. So a proper check on your body weight is very helpful to avoid many muscular problems as in overweighed body puts more pressure on muscles.

• Proper Diet:

A diet which supplies all the necessary supplements to your body is always the best medicine to avoid the consumption of medicinal drugs. Avoiding some food items in your diet like too much salt and spices can help you to overcome many muscular disorders.

• Garments:

The clothes we wear affects our muscular movements and blood circulation, so you should avoid tight outfits to keeps your muscles relaxed, thus avoiding the limited blood circulation.

• Footwear:

The posture we choose while walking and the footwear on the run, both have a prominent effect on causing varicose veins. Avoiding high heeled shoes are very helpful in solving many muscular problems; simple flat and comfortable footwear can help you in walking comfortably and staying healthy.

• Elevate your legs:

To improve the blood circulations doctors and physiotherapist recommend some sitting postures that are helpful in maintaining the blood circulations in the body.

This is among some of the common recommendations to the patients of muscular disorders and varicose veins that they should lie down for a while keeping their legs elevated by keeping two or three pillows under your feet. This increases the blood circulation in all the way that are helpful for muscles.

• Avoid the long-term posture:

This is for those people who are engaged in office works usually in front of the computer. They have an increased chance of causing varicose veins due to the fact that their body rest in an idle posture for a long period of time which would slow down the circulation especially to the lower limbs.

• Avoid sitting cross-legged:

Sitting cross-legged might be a problem because that posture trespasses the blood circulation of superior leg thereby creating a tension for the lower one. Thus, those people have an increased risk of getting a varicose vein.

Bottom Line:
The varicose vein can be a glaring symptom of some underlying problems. So the best remedy would be treating the disease, not the symptom!


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