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10 Early Warning Signs of a Headache
Jul 19, 2016
10 Early Warning Signs of a Headache

Signs of a Headache

A headache which is also referred to as Cephalalgia is actually a symptom of pain anywhere in the area of the head or neck of a person. The area where a headache is caused defines the cause due to which it is occurring. Hence, the symptoms of a headache help the doctor to determine the problem.

If this pain has occurred due to incomplete sleep and some small reason, then it is fine, but many times this ache is caused due to serious health issues which need immediate medical support.  A headache is a warning sign for numerous serious health issues, ten of the health issues in which a headache is caused are discussed below:

Brain tumors and cancer:

If you are suffering from a serious headache then there are chances that you have a tumor in your brain. It has been known to all that it is a Herculean task to treat tumor inside the skull if the right time is exceeded. It has been found that these tumors are a major cause of the occurrence of brain cancer.

If you are having the episodic night time headaches that are accompanied by vomiting and with time, it becomes continuous and become worse when you are suffering from a cough, sneeze and whenever the head is pressurized denotes the tumor problem in the brain.


Sinus infection is an infection caused in the lining tissue of the sinuses within the skull. If you are having a headache with nose bleeding, then you are suffering from this problem. Head pain denotes this infection, which needs immediate medical attention so that the effect can be reduced at short notice.                            

A brain aneurysm:

A brain aneurysm is a bulging area that exists within the wall of the artery. In most cases, it does not show any symptoms, but head pain is the most important symptom. When an aneurysm ruptures, it causes bleeding in the brain, then sudden and very severe headache occurs which is completely different from other pains.


If you are having a severe headache on one side of the head which is unbeatable. This pain occurs on a regular time interval and if you are suffering from this type of pain, then it depicts that you are suffering from the problem of a migraine.

Typhoid fever:

Typhoid is an acute illness caused due to Salmonellae type bacteria which reaches the body through contaminated food or water. The main symptoms are poor appetite, headache, fever, and aches. If you are suffering from head pain together with other symptoms, then you should get medical attention.

Swine flu:

Swine flu is a respiratory disease that is been caused by a special type of RNA influenza virus which attacks the respiratory pipe or tract. The common symptoms which can be noticed if you are facing this flu are a headache, fatigue, cough, nasal secretion and fever. 

Idiopathic intracranial hypertension:

It occurs when pressure is increased inside the skull, which is caused malfunctioning of the signaling inside CNS or blockage of the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. If you are suffering from a headache together with visual problems, then a checkup is very important to get a conclusion.

Arteriovenous Malformation:
This happens when the blood vessels from a tangle on its way to the passage which connects arteries and veins in the brain. It can affect any body part, but mainly spinal cord and brain are affected which causes a headache.


It is the inflammation of the brain, which is caused due to viral infections. This life-threatening disease has symptoms including, headache, fever, confused thinking or problem with the senses. 


It is an inflammation of the membranes, which is surrounding your brain and spinal cord. It shows symptoms including, headache, fever, and stiff neck. They are mostly caused due to viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Some of the cases can be treated in weeks, but others can be life-threatening.

Bottom Line :

There are many other diseases also which a headache help you to recognize at an early stage. It assists in the treatment of disease at an early stage which increases the chances of getting cured at short time span. 


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