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Best Healthy Ways to Survive Allergy Season
Jul 21, 2016
Best Healthy Ways to Survive Allergy Season

Allergy, the word itself is an allergy for some because it’s not a pleasant treat. When the flowers blush ringing the arrival of spring, it is a horrific melody for allergic people. In medical view, an allergy is a condition of hypersensitivity which is caused by an external agent releasing the mast cells from immune system which cope with the allergy by causing wheezing, headache, itchy eyes, running nose etc. 

One of the main reason for allergy is the pollen grains of flower, which is more prominent in the spring. Other agents like dust, dead cells, spores of mold and bacteria etc. can also cause allergy in humans. People settled near fields and forest and urban life are more prone to allergy due to the fact that they are more proximal to allergens than others.

There are some simple life hacks that would help you get over the allergens without spoiling the April fun.

Surviving Allergy

Here are some tips that could give you an upper hand over the nasty allergens

1) Diagnose an allergy:

Well, allergy symptoms stay is perfect harmony with other disease indications, so the very first step would be to make sure that the horn is sound by allergens. The best method could be an allergy test from a medical clinic, which could precisely spot the allergy from the non-allergic condition.

If you prefer DIY, then close watch the symptoms. Check for an itching on mouth palate, clear nasal discharge, sneezing and watery eyes which usually get triggered by exposure to the external environment. The absence of fever aches and other discomforts would point the possibility of allergy.

2) Be packed with necessary:

If you are certain that you are going to catch allergy then be prepared to confront it with drugs and medicines. Pay a visit to your doctor to get some clean prescriptions, but if you are a dab hand in dealing allergy then go to the drugstore and check for decongestants which could fix the running nose and itchy mouth. Antihistamines are another class of anti-allergic medicines.

3) Cheers for Saline:

Nature has its own way of dealing allergies, saline water is the best choice in this class. Garlic with saline water would help ease of the symptoms like itchy and sore throat, wheezing etc. Moreover, it improves the breath cleaning the mouth and neutralizing the acidity.

4) Shed the allergens:

As soon as you get home back from work, remove your clothes and shoes immediately such that there is no provision for the allergen to invade the body. The major invasion happens when you travel on a gusty sunny day during which the pollens are carried away by the wind that happens to stick to your body and finding an entry while breathing.

5) Minimize the outdoor recreations:

It’s obvious that there is nothing cooler than outdoor recreations. But during spring seasons, those who are known to have an allergy is better to spend the recreation indoor. This action alone could reduce the allergy outburst by 60%.

6) Go for a mask:

Wearing a single mesh surgical mask or double layer filter mask would be a great choice if you cannot resist the outdoor activities. This is the safest option available to survive and resist allergens from entering the body.

A mask would be a boon to those people engaged in outdoor occupations, but make sure that you change the mask every day if it’s a use and throw one or try to clean the filter once in 2-3 days to make sure that you block all entry points.

7) Take a frequent bath:

If bathing won’t hurt you, then this would be a good option to frightening away allergy. Always try to get a bath soon after you return home after a journey. During the bathing, session tries cleaning ears, nose, gargle some water and apply some daily shampoo so that the last remaining allergen would be washed away.

Bottom line:

Well, you read enough to kick out allergy. It’s easy to get an allergy but the alleviation is one hell of a task, so try to be clean and sterile.


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