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Cancer Facts Causes Symptoms
Jul 19, 2016
Cancer Facts Causes Symptoms

Cancer has become the most accustomed disease that is known to us these days. For the last few years, there has been a better understanding of the causes and treatments of cancer. This manifested the exigency of early detection, the stigma, and technology; which has now improved the prognosis of cancer affected lives to an unforeseeable level.

What is cancer?

Cancer can be simply defined as the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer can be benign (not harmful) or malignant (infectious). Severe tutelage has to be given when the cancer cells starts proliferate to distant sites (condition of metastasis).

Causes of cancer

Cancer can annihilate any part of the body from head to toe. Sometimes, we ourselves turn out to be the worst enemy of us. The regular habit of smoking and alcohol consumption is an example. Other causes include exposure to various chemicals or radioactive substances.

One of the main causes of cancer is putting our self-defense mechanism- the ‘immune system’, into the strain. The failure of the immune system of a distinct system of our body paves the way for enemies to enter.

Need of cognizance of cancer symptoms

In order to avoid mucking up our body due to the ignorance, we have to listen to the body and the signs it shows. Honing in on the early symptoms could possibly help to eradicate cancer completely at its roots. The earlier the treatment, lesser is the chance of proliferation of further cancerous cells.

General symptoms of cancer include fever, fatigue, sores that do not heal, unusual bleeding, lumps and weight loss. It’s not obligatory that these symptoms confirm cancer; there can be other reasons too. However, it’s advisable to go for annual checkups; so that the cause of the symptoms can be recognized and treated accordingly.

Healing cancer successfully at the earliest

One of the main rationales of the flubbing up of our body condition due to cancer is the ignorance of the early symptoms. Though certain symptoms seem unimportant to us, they play a crucial role in determining the health of a person if he is cancer-stroked.

Nowadays, people spotted with cancers, mostly undergo treatments like cutting out the localized tumors, killing the cells with the aid of chemotherapy or flaming the cells with radiations. These methods are not very effective for malignant tumors.

These are just symptomatic treatments which have numerous side effects too. The very first thing to do is a curtailment of the possible habits or lifestyle that makes the cells cancerous as the saying “prevention is better than cure”. Proper awareness about the need for diagnosis should be known to all.

Once it is affirmed that a person is infected with cancer, treatment should commence at the earliest. Treating cancer at its cause could feasibly taper off the chance of further metastasis. Spreading of the cancer cells to the distant site makes the condition of the patient even worse.

Bottom Line
In short, proper awareness of the risk factors and cognizance of the symptoms at the early stage could succor in thwarting the proliferation of cancer cells. Just remember! Cancer is not as dreadful as you think if you have proper discernment about it.

It doesn’t just strike you all of a sudden. The conditions favoring it were brewing inside the body for, probably, decades. Most importantly, the power to overcome the fear is only within you!


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