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Concept Of DNA - Reason To Know It
Jun 17, 2016
Concept Of DNA - Reason To Know It

Concept Of DNA - Reason To Know It

Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid (DNA) is a long eternal strand of chemical molecule which is supercoiled and pelted inside the cell. The wow factor is that, a DNA from a single cell in your body is about 6 feet long, and your body has nearly 10 trillion cells. 

So if you are going to uncoil all DNA in your body and join them it would be 740 million miles long, which means it could go back and forth the sun 4 times! Now you are starting to get curious about this tiny supercoiled structure. Till the late 19th century nobody got any idea about these tiny stuffs inside our body.

 It was in discovered by Swiss Physician and Biologist Friedrich Miescher in the year 1869 contradictory to the popular belief that Nobel Prize winners Watson and Crick discovered them in 1952. 

What does this Kabbalistic thing do in our body?

 DNA is the official messenger of our heir; they pass information from one generation to another. That’s why your newborn gets the elegant look of yours. Say, if you are short tempered person obviously your children will also possess the potential to be short tempered.

But the genetic mixing of character depends on you and your partner, because both the parents contribute equally to the newborn. All your characters, physical appearance, voice, hair color, smile, anger, nature, skin tone, everything from toe to head is encoded in your DNA. 

So if a biotechnologist can get a piece of hair, or a drop of saliva or blood anything that could contribute one cell, then a entire you can be made, but at present this is against law of ethics and not practiced. The most amazing discovery is 99%!

So, what are the advantages that can be exploited studying DNA?

Treatment of genetic disorders: DNA can be the key factor to treat genetic problems within us. Early days we had no choice but to treat the symptoms of diseases. Antibiotics were the best in class medicines then, but now DNA has opened a new road of treatment as well as diagnosis.

 DNA can give a personalized idea about a genetic problem within each person, so accordingly it can be treated. Latest cancer detection technology relies on this idea of using DNA to diagnose the presence of cancer and it’s inveterate.

Paternal Issues: Say if there is an issue with the paternity of a child, in such cases the DNA analysis can help to confirm the right father if the child. Usually this procedure is performed under strict laws and jurisdiction.

 Forensic science: There is no other field other than forensics benefited from using the DNA technology. It is the most important sample to be collected from a crime spot, which lead straight to the suspect. A hair, skin cells, blood stain, any of body fluids anything would be the treasure for a forensics scientist, because it contain the whole physical evidence of the suspect.

Agriculture: Farming and cultivation took a leap of faith with the help of DNA knowledge. Studying DNA of a plant could tell the scientist on how to improvise the cultivation strategy, which strain of the crop would be suitable, what are expected nutritional content everything could be drawn from a single cell of the plant. Even there exist DNA recombination and engineering but which face some ethical issues, due to which the extent of application is limited.

The hidden wonder in our cells are more fun to know! The strangest fact is that human technology is still very limited to unlock the treasure bound inside the DNA. Once humans unlock it, the world would change step into an era of genetic mods which would either keep our lives in harmony or endanger our species forever!


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