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Do You Need to Lose Weight to Avoid Heart Attacks
Jul 19, 2016
Do You Need to Lose Weight to Avoid Heart Attacks

A heart attack is one of the major causes of the death of a major part of the population. It has been found that after a certain age masses have to suffer from the heart problems and after that an attack that is maximum times life threatening. But, it is not a very worrying situation as there are simple possible techniques by which the threat of this disease can be reduced.

It has been found that bulky or people with heavy weight are at more risk than the people who are not.  The factors which are responsible for these attacks are of two kinds; one is controllable and another is uncontrollable.

The factors which can be controlled by a person are; blood pressure, diet and weight and the uncontrollable factors include, genes and age. With the improvement in food habits and few exercises, it is easy to control and reduce weight. 

Why aiming a healthy weight is important?

It becomes important to maintain the body weight due to following reasons:

• People with heavy weight are at risk of coronary diseases.

• The problem of high blood pressure is also mainly found in bulky people, which also contributes to the attacks.

• Other than these, it also leads to the occurrence of Type 2 diabetes and breathing issues which makes the cases of heart attacks worse.

• The body mass index (BMI) is very helpful in ascertaining that whether a person is having a healthy weight or not. The BMI should be like this:

• Obese: 30 or above 

• Overweight: 125 to 29.9

• Normal weight: 18.5 to 24.9

• Underweight: Below 18.5

When you visit the doctor you should ask him about the BMI, which is needed to be maintained according to your body weight, then only you will be able to maintain the healthy body weight and reduce the effect of this life-threatening disease.

How to burn the extra weight stored in the body?

It is not a very difficult task to burn the extra weight of the body and it can be achieved by performing the following tasks on a regular basis:

• Remain active:

Generally, it has been noticed that people with more weight are lazy and they even cannot perform their own things by themselves. It may be due to their overweight, they prefer to sit and get their things done by others, but this habit is not at all beneficial for them as it adds more calories to the body which increases the severity of diseases.

• Physical Exercises:

If you are determined to reduce your weight then you should know it cannot be attained by sitting at home. You are required to perform physical exercises which will move the muscles and leads to sweating.

Sweat during exercises denotes the burning of extra fat from the body as it burns in this form only. Exercises not only reduces the risk of coronary diseases, but it also assists in building the overall health of a person.

But, exercises are to be chosen under the guidance of your doctor as they will suggest the best exercise according to your need.  

• Healthy diet:

Diet and food habit of a person plays a vital role in the weight of a person as it is because of them only additional calories are added to the body. You should be careful with food selection as there is food which is easy to digest as they completely digest soon, but there are also many which takes the time to get fully digested.

For instance, what will be easy to digest salad or food with rich contents of oil or butter? Of course, food-induced with oily substances will be difficult to digest as it has a more complex composition. So, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of food rich in carbohydrates and fats.

Bottom line:

Medicines alone cannot treat the heart issues, but it also needs some additional assistance which can increase their effectiveness and reduce weight works as an icing on the sugar for this purpose. The probabilities of these attacks can be reduced to half if a person shows, special care towards their weight and diet.


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