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Healthy Life Style to Save Women Heart
Jul 30, 2016
Healthy Life Style to Save Women Heart

As per studies and researchers, it has been known that nearly three-quarters of heart diseases and attacks in younger women can easily be prevented if these people follow healthy lifestyle habits and practices very closely.

These healthy lifestyle habits here include, normal body mass index, no smoking, active physically for at least 2 and half hours in a week, having a healthy diet, watching TV for at least 6 to 7 hours in a week and consuming one drink of alcohol maximum in a day on the average.

Based on these, a research has been conducted about this to know what amount of heart diseases are attributing for the unhealthy lifestyle. In this research, nearly two decades the researchers have observed nearly 70,000 women.

After 20 years of observation, they have seen that 456 women among them are having the heart attacks and nearly 32,000 women have been diagnosed with heart diseases and its associated factors and also they have observed type 2 diabetes, high levels of blood cholesterol and high blood pressure too.

It also found that women who got habituated to all the above-listed lifestyle habits are very less prone to heart attacks i.e., nearly 92% less as well as 66% less risk of developing the heart diseases. Here, the low risk means 3 quarters of heart strokes or attacks and approximately half the risk factors in women who are younger would be prevented if all these women are adapted to this healthy lifestyle habits.

All these findings have been listed in "Journal of the American College of Cardiology". So, women who would like to have healthy heart should follow all these healthy lifestyles. Apart from this, it is also necessary that you need to follow below tips.

Heart Attack Preventive Tips for Women:

Daily Exercise:

Daily exercise is must even for healthy women. This keeps your body in control. It can manage the heart diseases and thus reduces the risk of getting heart strokes and attacks. It is the fact that the more you get exercise for the body the less the chances of heart diseases.

As per the AHA, it is said that active people will have fewer heart attacks and also have good chances of recovering than those people who are leading an inactive lifestyle. Regular exercise will give you many benefits and they include reducing the body weight, bad cholesterol levels, blood pressure etc. It in turn increases the good cholesterol levels and the insulin sensitivity.

Have Good Quality Sleep:

Have a better and good quality sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours every day as sleep deprivation can lead you to several health problems. Especially people who are not getting sufficient amount of sleep in a day are at higher risks of heart diseases.

Even people with this sleep apnea problem are prone to artery and lung damage. This, in turn, will increase the risk of getting heart strokes, attacks, heart failure and much more.

So, it is necessary that as an adult you must sleep at least 6 hours and maximum 8 hours in a night. To get a good quality of sleep, scheduled sleeping hours and follow them, take a warm bath before bed and no caffeine at that time. Listen to a soothing music and slowly move to sleep.

This will move you to healthy lifestyle slowly.

Control Diabetes:

People having diabetes should take at most care to reduce it and keep it in control as it is also a risk factor for causing the heart diseases? It is necessary that you need to keep the blood sugar levels in control.

The high levels of glucose in y our blood can cause damage to your arteries and increases the fatty deposits build up thus leading to increase in the risk of getting heart attacks and strokes.

Manage Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels:

Keep both your blood pressure levels and the blood cholesterol in control as these are also the major reasons for getting the heart attacks and strokes. The high levels of blood pressure can wear the blood vessels inner lining and increases the risk of getting heart attacks.

So, maintain the blood pressure to 120/80 mmHg to reduce this risk by limiting the salt intake, taking medications and exercising daily. Also, your blood cholesterol levels should be at 200 mg/dl and for this, you need to reduce the intake of saturated fat, limit alcohol and don't do smoking.

Control Stress:

Don't be overstressed and be cool and pleasant always. As per the recent study, it is found that stress, anxiety, and anger will not only affect the proper functioning or heart but also increases t he heart attack risk. Long time stress can give rise to negative emotions and increases cardiovascular atherosclerosis and atherosclerosis.

So, try to avoid them and even avoid those people who make you anger and anxious. Relax your mind, try meditation and keep yourself cool. All these can help reduce your stress and thus reduces the risk of getting heart diseases.

Reduce Body Weight:

If you are overweight, reduce your weight as it is also one of the symptoms of heart attacks. Overweight is not only a problem for the heart but also for many other health problems.

Building fat at your waist can increase the high blood pressure, high cholesterol and also the insulin resistance which all leads to heart diseases. So, it is necessary that you need to calculate the BMI and find out the percentage of healthy fat and the amount that you should reduce the bad fat. So, follow accordingly to reduce your body weight but, do it in a healthy way.

These are the healthy lifestyle habits that you need to follow regularly to keep yourself out of heart attacks and its associated diseases.


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