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Hip Fractures in Elderly People Prevention And Treatment
Jun 13, 2016
Hip Fractures in Elderly People Prevention And Treatment

The old age is an unavoidable occurrence of human life. Some of us let the old age steal the thunder of our life; some of us remain the same. Yet, there are some common health issues that everybody has to deal as they grow old.  Mostly, the problems with bones, diabetics, heart and much more.

One of the most common occurrences of the old age is a hip bone fracture. The slightest wrong movement can cause hip bone fracture and as the age precedes the possibility of it constantly get increased. The main causes of landing up with a hip-bone fracture over the age of 60 are,

·       The bone Mineral density starts decreasing with the age. Especially for the women, the lack of Calcium and other factors start decreasing their bone density along with the time. In these cases, the hip bone fracture is a common occurrence.

·        Vision problem is another great problem of the aging process, so is the problems with balance and nerves. These problems can easily cause the hip bone fracture.

Apart from these prime reasons, the other causes for the hip bone fracture are,


This disease causes the bones to become weaker. Mostly this disease is common in women. The people with a weaker bone are prone to land up with a hip bone fracture most easily.

Heredity and Body frame

The heredity is the common cause for landing up with weaker bones.  If the parents have the tendency to the bone diseases, the children are most likely to land up with the same problem. The slender framed people are more prone to the bone problems. In both the cases, the hip bone fracture is a most common occurrence.


The lack of proper nutrition, especially in the childhood, can be a cause of Bone problem, which can lead to a hip bone fracture in old age.

Medications and Special Medical Conditions

Sometimes the health problems like Type 1 Diabetes, gastrointestinal or rheumatoid disorders, endocrine problems can lead to bone fracture. Consumption of strong medicines on a regular basis can also lead to bone problems which are a major reason of a hip bone fracture. 


Too much weight can cause your hip bone to get fractured. It put extra pressure on your hip bone and causes it to break. Especially as you age and your bones become weaker, the overweight people become more prone to the bone fracture.

The symptoms of the Hip Bone Fracture

The normal symptoms of a Hip Bone Fracture are,

·        The excess pain around the hip and groin area can be a signal of the fracture of Hip Bone.

·        Sometimes the affected leg can become shorter of the unaffected leg.

·        If hipbone already been fractured, you are most likely to land up with a walking problem. Whenever you are trying to put pressure on the affected area it might cause you extra problem.

·        The symptoms like swelling or bruising in the affected area can be a major symptom of the hip and bone fracture.

Diagnosing the Hip Bone Fracture

 The diagnosis of a hip fracture is only possible by the doctor. They can assume the fact from the abnormal position of your hip and leg. Also, a swelling or bruising can be an indication for the doctors to understand that the hip bone is fractured.

The most common way to confirm the assessment of Hip Bone fractured is the X-ray. Apart from X-ray, an MRI scan also reveals the detailed the fracture of your bone. So, that the treatment of your broken bone becomes easier. The CT scan can also reveal the pictures of hip bone perfectly so that the treatment is possible in best way.


The main treatment of the fracture of a hip bone is Surgery.

The surgery mainly fixes the hip bone or replaces the bone with an artificial one in case fixing is not possible. The process of surgery can be varied into three types,

·        The metal screws are inserted inside the bones to keep it together.

·        The part of the hip can be replaced by surgery.

·        The total hip can be replaced if there is the existence of arthritis or any injury beforehand. 

After the surgery, the rehabilitation and medication are prescribed by the doctors to make your hip as normal as possible.



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