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Homeopathy and It Uses For Migraine Headache
Oct 24, 2016
Homeopathy and It Uses For Migraine Headache

Some of the Homeopathy Medicines add advantage to our health and migraine headache is the toughest task or challenge in regards to making our life more painful with a number of unnecessary surgeries and medicines.

People come to a conclusion that the Migraine is characterized by a headache, throbbing or pulsating. Most commonly observed symptoms are vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to light and noise.

As a migraine being disorder we have to understand that fact that it can be changed to disease anytime so preventing it in all possible ways is more important.

Homeopathy offers the great scope of treating Migraine. Homeopathic medicines for a migraine are more reliable and safe in comparison with all other medicines this can also offer a permanent cure for a migraine.

Best Homeopathic medicines for a migraine are Iris Versicolor, Glonoinum, Epiphegus and Belladonna and Nux Vomica.

Just think once again if any of the following activities bring on your migraine headaches or even worse them?

Stress (worry, anger)                         79.8%         

Aged cheese                                      18.6%

Nuts and peanut butter                      16.8%         

Pickles                                               7.0% 

Bright Sunshine                                 41.9%         

Loud noise                                         37.7%         

Fatigue                                               36.4%         

Onions                                                10.8%         

Buttermilk or sour cream                     8.7% 

Aged or cured meats                          7.4% 

Missed meals                                      32.6%         

Weather change                                  29.5%         

Certain smells or perfume                   28.9%         

Coughing, straining, bending over       24.7%         

Heavy lifting                                         13.2%         

Sexual activity                                      6.7% 

Air travel                                               6.5%

Most of the homeopathic Medicines are also available online

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