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How to Take Control of Your Health
Jun 17, 2016
How to Take Control of Your Health

Healthy living, isn’t the word interesting to listen?  How many of us are really living the way we have to live?  How many of us are really following the basic rules of healthy living? I guess the answer will be void. 

Anyway, life on this earth is way too precious to lead.  Just having money and luxurious life does not mean that we are leading a healthy life.  Healthy living includes each and every minute thing to be taken care of.  Even a small wrong step would drag us down from the steps that we have already taken before. 

One has to know that in order to live healthily, it is important to count on every second we spent on this earth while doing different activities.  I remember a saying here, “We are what we repeatedly do”.  It is an undeniable truth that we have to carry to our graves.  The length of our live on this earth is purely based on the deeds we are doing at present day and present time. 

If we spend our day unhealthily with unhealthy deeds and unhealthy food stuffs, then it is way too obvious that the schedule continues the other day and so on and the future is nothing but tomorrow and the coming days.  So, to lead a healthy life without having any sort of health issues, we need to work 24/7. 

Working 24/7 does not mean that your body needs to work restlessly in order to lead a healthy life.  All you need to do is just schedule a plan on your activities and foods that you need to follow until your final day on this earth.  That is the only way you can lead a healthy life on this earth. 

So, there are few tips that will help you plan your schedule for healthy living.  Just take a look into it. 

1. Why This Healthy Living Mission Is Being Planned Suddenly?

In order to start your mission healthy living, you first need to know the strongest point that attracted to do so.  As we are human beings, it is obvious that whatever we took up, we do it only until we aren’t bored of it.  Once we got bored of it, we would definitely leave it in the middle of the way. 

So, first know what motivated you to do so.  Just keep your logical lens on while doing it.  If we want to build a house, it is basic that we start with a basement.  The house on the top will be safe and strong only if the basement is strong.   The same thing applies to your mission here.  The basement i.e. your determination to achieve this goal should be laid strongly to see the results you have expected. 

That is the only way you can motive yourself to do it even if you get bored of it after a while.  If you are not determined to do so, then just give it up now itself.  If you find yourself determined and committed, just go take the exam.

2. Make A Plan For Change

If you are done with your first session, then it’s time to start the next one.  As you are committed to do this, you have to know how you want to see yourself after some particular period of time say, 2 years.  What makes you achieve the desired result before your target ends?  You need to work on this first. 

As I said earlier, this is not something that can be overlooked.  It needs a full attention to achieve it.  So, first study your mind.  What it says?  How it want to represent you after your target period?  When you are done with finding the answers, then you can go to the next step. 

3. Have A Positive Attitude Towards Life

Most of the people lack in believing in themselves.  Even though they take up the project with utmost sincerity and determination, they tend to lose their confidence because of their lack of believe in themselves. 

It sounds pretty common.  Isn’t it?  But it is what drags us back.  If you are committed to do something, you are committed to do so.  There is no space for another choice.  This type of attitude would lead you to your desired destination.  So, have a positive mindset, which always says yes! You can do it.  Instead of negative attitude that says you can’t. 

4. It’s Time To Drink Lots Of Water

Just consider yourself as a plant.  You must know how important it is to water a plant for its survival.  Same goes with our bodies too.  Water is something that our bodies needs at regular intervals to be and get hydrated.  Out of hydration will lead our body to dehydrate and will make us fall every now and then.  So, have lots of water. 

Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day.  Don’t plan to replace water with other liquids and fluids that are tasty, but belong to garbage family. 

5. Eat Lots Of Fruits That Are Rich In Water Content

Most of our body consists of water.  As said in the earlier session, lack of water in our body would lead to dehydration problem.  It is always recommended to take lots of water to get rid of dehydration issues.  Drinking more water also helps in flushing out all the waste from our body in the form of urine.  Try to drink fruit juices which are more water based. 

Start your day with a glass of water or a glass of fresh fruit juice.  If you don’t want to have juice, try to make a salad including all your favorite fruits.  The fruits or their juices supply necessary amounts of nutrients and vitamins to our body for better and best survival.  

6. Sleep Well

I am not spelling the name of the mattress here.  I am telling you that sleep well in order to get into good health.  As we run and rush all the day with our busy lives and schedules, we sometimes overlook the sleep.  Lack of sleep itself causes many health issues. 

An 8 hour sleep a day will keep you away from many problems like stress, pressure and restlessness.  So, no matter how hardworking you are, just make time to sleep at right time.

7. Workout

Fitness is very important for our body.  Being fit itself mean that you are healthy.  No matter how many diets you do, no matter how sincerely you follow you schedule for healthy living, excluding workouts from it would never yield you your desired result. 

Try to work out for at least 30 minutes in a day.  Make it a daily habit to do so. 

8. Enjoy What You Eat

Read the heading carefully.  Don’t mistake it for “Eat what you enjoy”.  If you take it wrong, then your mission is a failure.  Make sure you enjoy what you eat.  Cook it at your best and eat it to your best.  Make certain to eat slowly as it helps guarantees best digestion ahead. 

9. Say No To Overeating

Don’t try to satisfy your heart and stomach with food.  If you do so, it will never let you win the cup of healthy living competition you are going to participate in.  Just eat right amount of foods at right times. 

10. Maintain A Dairy

A dairy can change your life.  This line goes well here.  Try to maintain a dairy.  Update it regularly with latest updates of your changing foods habits and how they are affecting your body and your health. 


These are the best tips to take control of your health.  Know that you are the controller of your mind, heart and body, which means you are the remote and those are the things that can be controlled by you.  So, first take control of the remote to get control over those things.  Set you mind to do it and everything falls in line thereafter.  


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