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Ignored Foods That Can Worsen Arthritis
Jun 17, 2016
Ignored Foods That Can Worsen Arthritis

Like several illnesses and diseases, health science has overlooked the accurate causes of arthritis for years. Each of the most important types of arthritis has been revealed to have comparable etiologies. It has also been assumed that Gout arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis can have same initiates, precisely food initiates.

Know about Arthritis

Some millions of people are suffering from aching and inflamed joints allied with arthritis. In the previous period, several doctors said that dietary changes would not aid arthritis patients.

On the other hand, this assumption was based on older research with foods that comprised, oil, dairy products, poultry, or meat. Fresh research shows that diets may be a more common contributor to arthritis than is usually familiar. It is clear that, at least for particular people, improved menu is response.

Causes for arthritis

•        Based on Age- Arthritis can impact any age of people, including small children, the maximum number of people i.e. about 70% of people above the age of 65 are suffering from some kind of arthritis.

•        Based on Gender- Osteo arthritis is more observed and harmful for women, particularly in the knee and hand joints. Researchers are ambiguous why this is, but it might be correlated to hormone levels or tedious use of particular joints.

•        Over usage- Tedious movements can be a predecessor to Osteo Arthritis in that locality; if your work consists of a lot of kneeling, then there are more probabilities to be estimated to get OA in your knees.

•        Due to Overweight- Since extra weight puts on more stress to your joints, people who are weighty are more likely to be affected by OA and the affected areas would be their joints, such as knees and hips.

•        Due to Injuries- A damaged joint that may appear to have entirely healed can come back as OA much far ahead in life.

•        Due to Genetic DNA- If anyone is suffering with OA in your family, there would be more chances that you can face at some time in your age.

Types of Arthritis

1. Osteo Arthritis

Osteo Arthritis impacts your cartilage, the protecting tissue on the edges of your bones that permits them to pass easily against each other at your bone joints. Visualize that cartilage is the softened sole of a shoe and it can become damaged, flatter and less shielding than once it was. This could affect the cartilage to break down.

Researchers aren't completely certain why the cartilage degenerates in few particular people and not in more. More than eight million people in the USA are suffering from osteoarthritis and even though science is not been able to disclose the precise cause and there are numerous factors that upsurge the risk of developing.

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis

The second type of Rheumatoid Arthritis is less observed when compared to osteoarthritis. But every single year nearly 12,000 cases are getting diagnosed newly.

This arthritis is a result of an autoimmune problem, which is supposed to be caused partly by hereditary, making you inclined to bacteria or virus that activate the start of rheumatoid arthritis. Your immune system halts down and goes against itself, attacking your cell tissues.

Not like OA, which generally begins in one joint, rheumatoid arthritis disturbs two joints equally and rheumatoid arthritis also causes inflammation and heat in the exaggerated joint when compared to osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis also affects inner organs whereas osteoarthritis does

3. Gout

Gout - the third most regular type of arthritis is triggered by the presence of uric acid in the body. This acid, which goes into your body via food, commonly dissolves in the blood and is detached via the kidneys and urine.


But it can form up to hazardous levels if your kidneys aren't running properly, or if your food includes big amounts of liver, dried up beans and peas as these increase uric acid levels that leads to extreme pain, as well as inflammation, redness and hotness. This is the reason for kidney stones.

Men are far more to be expected to suffer with gout, and numerous factors upsurge your risk further, comprising genetics, being overweight, and liquor abuse.

Ignored Foods that can Worsen Arthritis Pain

Salt and its Preservatives:

Sodium and its preservatives are very usually consumed in our regular diet. But do you distinguish that salt single-handedly can lead to hurting joints? Preserved, packaged and all set to eat food products have lots of sodium and its preservatives that end in water retaining.

Preservatives also chunk your body’s capability to rivet Vitamin D through sunlight. Parboiled meals and the foods that are served in restaurants are rich in sodium content.

Dairy or Milk products:

Specific proteins that are found in milk and additional dairy items can cause inflammation of the joints. You may also understand the xenophobia to dairy products. Good to opt for veggie sources of protein like beans, lentils, seeds, soy, tofu, spinach etc.

Sugar and polished carbohydrates:

Overwhelming sugary foods like cookies, colas and refined carbs like rice and potato can cause swelling in the joints. This causes ache and confines joint movement.

So, avoid soda, bakery foods, fast food, fried stuff, chocolates, artificial sweets, sugary beverages etc. to reduce pain from arthritis.

Meat and flesh:

Taking meat regularly upsurges your intake of fat and extra calories. It comprises animal protein that gets absorbed into assured chemicals. These chemicals lead to inflammation and pain in your joints.


Even though there is less medical indication to prove that caffeine causes arthritis swelling, it is best to elude it. Minimize your tea and coffee breaks to lessen the consumption of caffeine.

Omega 6 fatty acids:

Omega 6 fatty acids are usually found in corn oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, grape seed oil, vegetable oil, safflower oil, peanut oil and much more. Even salad coverings like mayonnaise are occupied with omega 6 fatty acids. Foods baked in such oils make your taste buds contented but they also cause swelling in your joints. Use oils high in omega 3 fatty acids in its place. Olive oil, nuts, flax seeds are good instances of such foods.

It is significant that you take care of what you are placing on your dish. Try to have anti-inflammatory foods. Ask your medic for best guidance suited to your exact symptoms of arthritis. Eat cleverly to manage your arthritis vigorously.


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