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Neuropathy treatment and 6 Ways to Treat
Jun 13, 2016
Neuropathy treatment and 6 Ways to Treat

Neuropathy is one of the most common diseases see in people.  It occurs in all age groups. The people who are more prone to Neuropathy are diabetic patients.  Neuropathy is a type of disorder which damages entire peripheral nervous system.  Neuropathy also affects sensory and motor nerves which cause pain and numbness in muscle movements.

Neuropathy is most commonly seen in diabetic patients.  Nearly 70% of diabetic patients are suffering from diabetic neuropathy.  Along with being diabetic, people with the habit of smoking, infections and injuries, poor nutrition are very much prone to neuropathy. 

Neuropathy starts with back pain and burning sensation to tingling sensation in the extremities. Even though medically there are many treatments available, treating Neuropathy from the roots with home remedies would help a great deal. 

Let us look into the home remedies to treat Neuropathy.

1. Foot Care

You might be thinking why Neuropathy is linked with foot care, right?  The nerves in our foot are most sensitive of all nerves and also longest of all.  People who have high blood sugar have a great effect on the peripheral nervous system.  This effect slowly damages nerves present in our body. 

Smoking also has adverse effects on our body and it is also a cause of Neuropathy.  Foot care is promoted here in order to serve the longest nerves in our body so as to prevent the chance of occurrence.  Taking good care of our foot is very important. 

Good footwear relaxes us and helps us to prevent the occurrence.  Look for any corns, calluses, cuts, and blisters and take care of them as soon as possible.  Otherwise, they would later turn as the root cause for Neuropathy. 

Use cotton socks which are loose to protect your feet from any damages.  Mostly people look for foot ware which is stylish keeping comfort aside, but this is not at all advised by doctors as foot care matters a lot when it comes to Neuropathy.  So, from now on make sure to use foot care that is comfortable rather than being stylish.

2. Exercise

Blood sugar is one of the major causes of Neuropathy, exercising regularly would decrease blood sugar levels to an extent that Neuropathy will be controlled.  As blood sugar levels come down, nerve damage will automatically decrease and thereby it decreases the Neuropathy.

Walking in the early morning or evenings is very much advised by doctors.  Walking increases the blood flow to arms and legs.  This blood flow will ultimately repair nerves that are damaged.  A study done on people suffering from Neuropathy has proved that people who have done regular workouts are less prone and less progressive to Neuropathy.

3. Capsaicin Cream

One of our home remedy to treat Neuropathy is Capsaicin cream.  This Capsaicin cream is available and useful in treating Neuropathic pain with time.  Researchers found that people who are using Capsaicin cream to treat Neuropathy are diagnosed to reduce their Neuropathic pain. 

One-third of people who are using this Capsaicin cream has relieved from Neuropathic pain.  This Capsaicin cream should be applied on the area where the nerve has seen the damage due to Neuropathy.  The cream has to be rubbed gently in that area for about three to four times in a day. 

This Capsaicin cream is obtained from chili peppers.  Capsaicin cream acts as an analgesic in the treatment of neuropathy.  Don’t apply this Capsaicin cream on open wounds.

4. Warm Water Treatment

Bathing itself is good for our body. Bathing with warm water will relieve the entire day stress. Warm water can be used to treat Neuropathy.  As neuropathic patients suffer from nerve pains and numbness, warm water bath will help them relieve their pains. 

Stabbing and electrical jolts feel, they go through can also be relieved with warm water bathing.  Warm water baths improve blood circulation in the extremities.  This would ultimately soothe and brings sensation to cold nerves.

5. Include More Nuts In Your Diet

Neuropathy is also caused due to the lack or deficiency of vitamin B-12.  Deficiency in food intake would also lead to neuropathic pains.  Nuts are the ingredients which contain essentials nutrients as biotin.  Thus taking nuts regularly in your diet would keep you away from Neuropathy. 

Nuts include walnuts; almonds etc which have essential nutrients in them.  Neuropathic patients should include all vitamins and concentrate on their diet. Deficiency in the supply of vital vitamins and nutrients will rise up new problems with nerves. 

As nerves play a great role in running our entire system, it is important to take care of them well.  So, make certain to have a bowl of nuts every day in order to keep Neuropathy away.

6. Use Oils

Capsaicin cream helps in treating neuropathic pains, likewise, we can also use oils in the treatment of Neuropathy.  One such oil is Brahmi oil. This oil helps promote the growth of new cells and strengthens blood vessels and thereby improves blood circulation in the affected areas. Another oil used in the treatment of Neuropathy is Mustard oil.  This oil is used in reducing neuropathic pains. 

Castor oil is also used in the treatment of Neuropathy.  Massaging with castor in the affected area with Castor oil will restore nerve tissues to its place.  Botanical oil is one such oil that comes with many benefits to treat the problem of neuropathy.  All these oils help us to serve and treat neuropathic pains of nerves.  You can use all these oils in massaging the affected areas.

Along with following these simple home remedies, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to treat Neuropathy.  Treatment needs lots of changes in your diet and lifestyle.  Alcohol consumption is to be stopped in order to treat it.  Alcohol consumption increases the level of neuropathy and worsens the pains.  So, if you are neuropathic patient a regular drinker, first give up on drinking. 

This would be your first step towards Neuropathy treatment.  Neuropathy is not a small disease that can be overlooked.  It is all about our nerves that carry all important work in our human body.  So, it is important to prevent an occurrence of Neuropathy by taking every possible step in treating it.


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