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Routine Checkups Update Your Health Status
Jul 30, 2016
Routine Checkups Update Your Health Status

A human body is a complex working machine but in real life, if a mechanical machine stops its service it can be repaired, there is nothing of much concern. But if a human body stops working then it is something that worries, at least to the family of the person.

So always keep feet ahead in life. Routine checkups are one of the best possible remedies to eliminate the hidden threat inside our body, the threat could be anything from a normal kidney stone to complex cancers.

Almost all diseases in the present day can be cured, thanks to our modern life care innovations, the ‘but’ part is that they must be diagnosed in the early stages of growth. In order to make it a success, the routine checkups can be the key.

A routine checkup is a body checkup including blood biochemistry, imaging of various body parts, another body fluid assessment, preparing a health profile regarding the person which could be very useful for a doctor in diagnosing any health risks if any.

What are advantages of a routine checkup?

Usually, a routine checkup is done once or twice a year, the frequency depends on the health condition of the individual. An average healthy person is recommended to have a health at least once in two years,years it's best if it can be annual.

Aged people do it once in 6 months and patients might do it more often than that. The advantage of such a checkup is that you can prevent certain disease even before it roots in you. Some of the disease that can be prevented by getting a routine checkup are:

• Cancers (Skin, blood, cervical etc.)

• Heart Diseases

• Cholesterol related problems

• Dental disorders

• Osteoporosis

• Arthritis

• Breast cancer

• Aneurisms

• STD’s


• Glaucoma

• Diabetes Mellitus

The list very brief almost disease can be prevented in this manner, other than congenital once. But the first checkup would help you diagnose any such genetic disorders if not exhibited any time in life.

A good example to quote in is “Gilberts Syndrome” affecting the liver gland, this is a condition where the person exhibits a higher bilirubin in blood possibly confusing it with liver disorders, Hepatitis or Jaundice, but in fact they are nonlethal and doesn’t even require a treatment.

What all can you expect during a health checkup?

There are a series of test done in order to prepare a report regarding your health status. Some of the standard procedure include:

1. Physical exams:

No invasions are done here, just the usually outpatients test like monitoring blood pressure, checking pulse, getting an ECG, checking temperature, a stethoscopic examination of lungs and heart, abdominal examination, checking for dermatological indications.

2. Female specific tests:

A gender-specific test will be performed in order to rule out any possible diseases with sex organs. Tests are Breast examination and pelvic examination.

3. Biochemistry Lab tests:

Here body fluids are collected for estimation of the metabolic status of your body. Some tests are blood count tests, urine analysis, cholesterol profiling, liver profiling, thyroid profiling etc.

4. Imagining and feedback test:

Not all health checkups offer this provision, but some of them do these tests including a chest X-ray, CT scan/MRI scan, cardiogram, mammogram, Ultrasound scan etc.

Bottom Line:
So this is a wake call for those who are shy to get a checkup done, but the fact is you are taking the initiative to protect yourself, simply implying how much you love yourself. Just quoting here that diseases like cancer are curable on timely detection, so don’t wait to keep to yourself healthy and live long.


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