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Warts Identification And Treatment
Jun 13, 2016
Warts Identification And Treatment

Pestiferous, skanky and pruritus these are the best words to explain those tiny protuberances that appear on your skin. Warts are small bulges that appear in the various regions of your body, either fluid filled or dry inducing itching and irritation.

Warts are several types, so it’s very important knowing the type and reason for the wart to be there. Usually, when people find a wart they would go for an ointment or a skin cream, but this strategy is not assured each time.

It’s very easy to diagnose a wart by looking at its morphological features, sometimes it would be as simple as passing some cream, but in unfortunate times, that could even mean a symptom for skin cancer. So the best way is to do a self-study and consulting a physician if any doubt rise. Let us go through some common warts and their moles of identification.

Types of warts:

1)    Plantar Warts: These achy sore appears on the lower limbs of your body. Initially, they appear as small lesions on the foot and rarely on the toes, causing least or no pain at all. As you give more stress while walking they tend to go deep into your skin, finally maturing into something resembling a cauliflower shape on the toe. Black spots might be centered on these things which might cause bleeding or pus release in some cases.


Cause: These are caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus: type 1, 2,4,27 and 58) which flourishes in moist and warm environments like the bathroom, swimming pool etc. Their en route to host body is via tiny cuts on skin, abrasions, wounds etc. Once they reach the host they make themselves comfortable by finding a location to stay warm.


Treatment: These warts are non-malicious, disappears over time. But if the intense pain is contributed salicylic acid can be used under the doctor’s prescription.


2)    Oral Warts: This might be the most common type of wart that you might have confronted atleast once in a life time. It consists of nubby and pesky blains inside the oral cavity, spreading to the mucosal layer of the mouth. It is not be confused with cold sores because the cause of this wart is different.


Cause: Here also the causative agent is HPV (type 2,4,26 and 27), but instead of sheltering on foot they make it up in the mouth. Poor oral hygiene is one of the reasons for these viruses to infect the human host.


Treatment: Not all oral warts are dangerous, the one which disappears in a couple of weeks are just fine because of our immune system, but if them obstinate then it must be something that a Doctor must be taken care of.


3)    Warts on Hands: Small fleshy bumps in between fingers or palm are the major symptoms of these warts. They initially look like as small bud growth on the skin later spreads in small batches over the adjacent region. A fluid discharge is seen in some cases which are less serious, whereas malignant rocky growth is something that must be notified to a dermatologist.


Cause: There are nearly 100 species of HPV, of which 70 of them are known to cause infection in human beings. Here type 1,3,29 are known to cause warts on hands.


Treatment: Salicylic acid is the best known remedy, gels or patches for soothing skin can also be applied. Covering these warts surgical tape is known to provide temporary relief.


4)    Other Major types of Warts: HPV (type 3 to 59) cause various warts in human being, whose brief glimpse are given below:

·        Genital Warts – Appear in the groin, inside vagina/penis tube, scrotum etc.

·        Flat Warts – Seen mainly on face, head, forehead, neck and shoulder

·        Filiform Warts – Painful warts on neck, eyelids, lips and various other parts of body

·        Seed Warts - Under pressure points on limbs such a fingers, palm etc.

·        Butcher’s Warts – Warts seen on people handling meat and related products


You are aware of warts now, just see that they down spread beyond a point, if so, then it must be something that’s not good for you. 


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