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Why Women Are More Prone To Vision loss Than Men?
Jun 13, 2016
Why Women Are More Prone To Vision loss Than Men?

It is said that women are mentally stronger than men, which is, of course, an undeniable truth.  No matter how advanced we are in this technological world there is still a bit of gender inequality between people.  Not just in economic and social levels, but also in health there are gender differences. 

We are talking about eye health.  As per the new study was done on lots of women and men, it was found that women are more prone to vision impairment compared to men.

As per the Women’s Eye Health Task Force, it was found that about two-thirds of all visually impaired and blind people in the world are women.  It is quite shocking to know that women are in such numbers than men. 

There are more women than men who suffer from a disease like cataracts and macular degenerations.  As per the research reports, it is said that they are gender specific and risks and symptoms vary depending on gender.

Why Women Are More Prone To Vision loss Than Men?

In olden days, people used to have good vision even when they hit centuries.  That is only because of the food they ate and the environment they lived.  There used to be no pollution around them and the environment is quite a greenery because of which there are no chances of having vision impairments, at least not in many. 

In the present time, we are living in an environment that is polluted like anything.  It is the main cause for most of our diseases.  The foods we are taking and the environment we are living in contributes a lot to our ill health and other health issues.

There are many reasons why women lose their vision early and in number than men.  Let us see the reasons behind women’s vision loss.

Reasons behind women’s vision impairment

There are many reasons why women lose vision.  Let us see what they are:

Women tend to live longer than men.  It is a known fact that vision loss mainly occurs due to age.  As women have more life than men, they tend to get prone to conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. 

The risk of getting prone to these diseases increases with age in women. There are few eye diseases that are mainly seen in women than men.  One such eye disease is dry eye syndrome.  This condition is related to hormones and is very much commonly seen in women compared to men. 

Women tend to experience hormone changes than men because of the pregnancy and menopause, which could affect the vision of women.  Women also are tender to diseases like higher rates of autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. These conditions are associated with the risk of affecting eyes and causing vision loss.

It is possible to get rid of even a big disease if a proper treatment is given to the person at an early stage, but when it is advanced it is impossible to get rid of it even though they spend crores on it.  It is important to receive health care in order to get treated in early stage itself.

Blindness and vision impairment are the conditions that can be treated in early stages so that there won’t be any further eye health issues.  Lack of awareness about the eye conditions and lack of healthcare facilities are very much cause of vision impairment in women.

Environmental conditions are another cause for vision loss.  This is the common reason that affects vision in both men and women.  Not just environment conditions, but also poor nutrition and diet also give rise to poor vision in people.  Obesity, which is caused by improper diet, which in turn leads to diabetes and in turn leads to diabetic retinopathy, is also a reason for vision impairment in many women.

There is no movie these days that starts without advertising the add about smoking and its harmful effects.  Smoking is also associated with the risk of eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Creating awareness among women on eye health

It is very important for women to get aware about eye health to protect themselves and their family members from eye health issues.  Follow the working plans given below to get rid of eye health issues.

Check up with the doctor when you hit 40 and go for recheck every two years.  If you are having any eye issues like itching, vision loss, pain, infection etc then make sure to consult the doctor immediately.

Smoking is injurious to health.  It is also injurious to eyes.  There are many risks associated with smoking like heart disease, lung cancer, stroke and other vascular problems.  So it is advised to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Make certain to maintain a good body weight.  Go hit the gym or do a workout regimen at home to get rid of unwanted weight.  A healthy body can stay away from the risks of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes which can ultimately cause loss of vision.  

Prepare a diet chart that is full of foods that are good for eyes.  Eat foods that are rich in carotenoids and antioxidants such as green leafy vegetables, and fruits high in vitamin C, like oranges, strawberries, and melons, which help in protecting eye health. Also, eat foods that are rich in omega 3s such as nuts, salmon and egg yolks. 

Time to buy new shades.  Don’t let your eyes directly see the sun.  Buy good shades that protect your eyes from UV rays.

Be aware of your cosmetics.  Don’t use the eye cosmetics like mascara, eye shadow, eye liners etc when they are out of date.  Keep your hands clean while putting a contact lens in your eyes.  Clean makeup brushes and other eye makeup kits clean.  Don’t use other makeup kits and don’t let others use yours.  This is all for your own sake.

There end the awareness tips.  It is important to take good care of eye health as they are ones that will drive us to dream.  Women are very much responsible for their family members and children. 

It is very important to take good care of them in order to drive the entire home in the right direction.  So start implementing our awareness tips and also educate other women around you about eye health and awareness tips.


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