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8 Instant Juices That Keep You Energized
Jun 14, 2016
8 Instant Juices That Keep You Energized

8 Instant Energy Booster Juices That Keep You Energized

Tired of the heavy work or feeling weak this summer? Wanna boost your energy levels? Then, you should definitely try these powerful energy drinks. They are healthy drinks and you can have lots of benefits from those drinks and are rich in nutrients that your body requires.

Lagging in energy may cause other health problems like sleeping disorders, anemia, diabetes etc. But, don’t worry energy drinks only helps you when you are tired but also help you when you are feeling drained or when you don’t get enough sleep and for several other problems.

So, have this natural booster drinks and boost up your energy. Wanna try them? Then have a look at those healthy drinks.

1. Beetroot Blended Juice

People get tensed hearing the word beetroot. But, don’t worry adding other fruits and turmeric to beetroot makes it tasty. To start preparing this juice all you need is below ingredients.

Ingredients Required To Make This Juice Are:-

6 peeled off carrots

4 peeled off beet roots

2 fruits of Red Apples

Peeled ginger a bit

Turmeric if you are worried of beetroot

Beetroot Juice Preparation:-

Blend all these ingredients in a blender and garnish it with leaves of carrot to give it a colorful look. Finally, have this drink.

2. Morning Sunrise

The name morning sunrise is because the finally made juice will be in a morning sun rising color. All you need to prepare this morning sunrise is below ingredients.

1 grapefruit for juice

1 cup of frozen or fresh strawberries

2 to 3 fresh tangerines for juice

Making of Morning Sunrise:-

Start the preparation of this juice like this, peel the grapefruit and tangerines and prepare a juice by mixing both of them. Finally, use frozen strawberries for topping up the juice or puree them with the juice itself.

3. Green Supreme

Green supreme is easy to make and it just take a few seconds to minutes. But, all you need to gather the below-given ingredients together to start making the juice.

Ingredients for Green Supreme:-

2 fruits of Green Apples

10 kale stocks

2 green pears

1 cucumber

Just blend all the gathered ingredients together and have this instant energy booster.

4. Lavender Tea

Lavender tea is an instant energy booster and works well if you follow the method properly. Gather the items required to start preparation of this lavender tea and have it.

Items Required for Making Lavender Tea:-

1 cup of crushed lavender or 4 sprigs of its

2 twigs of mint

Lemon to add taste

Raw sugar or honey

To add some spice take bit of ginger

Method to Prepare Lavender Tea:-

Start it with boiling water on the stove, add sugar into it when it is bubbling and stir it until the sugar completely dissolves in the water. Check it for sweetness; if it is too sweet to add more lemon to the sugar water. Next, add some lavender as in required amounts and stir the mixture for a minute and now it’s time to add the mint to the mixture.

Allow it to boil for some time. Check the taste until it gets pungent on cooking. Finally, pour this concentrated tea in a container and ice cubes to it and finally have it.

5. Blueberry Mango Banana Juice

This juice will look similar to blueberry juice but tastes different from it. This instant energy booster requires the below ingredients to make.

Stuff Needed to Make Blueberry Mango Banana Juice:-

1 peeled off and cubed mango

1 frozen or fresh banana

1 pint of blueberries

1 tablespoon of raw honey and

1 cup of coconut milk

Make Blueberry Juice:-

Now, as all the ingredients are in your hand all that you need to do is puree all the ingredients in a blender and finally garnish it with blueberries. Enjoy its taste and get instant energy.

6. Green Monster Juice

Green monster may look similar to green supreme but it is somewhat different from it. You need to make the juice out of below-stated ingredients.

Things Required for Green Monster:-

1 cup o kale

1 cup of spinach

½ Granny smith apples

1/4th of lemon

1/4th of cucumber

2 celery stalks

Puree the ingredients will in a juice mixture and serve them to your dear ones to make them energized and stay healthy.

7. Coffee

Coffee is also a type of energy booster drink and when you need fast recovery from low energy levels caffeine works out well. It is a perfect beverage and is effective in improving exercise performance.

Add skim milk with caffeine as it contains plenty of vitamin D and calcium that makes your bones stronger and it also give carbohydrates for the fuel.

8. Water

Last but not least, don’t forget water as it is one of an essential determinant of energy levels in hydration. Water is the one of the responsible thing transferring the nutrients in your blood and lots of waste that has been build-up and which lead you to fatigue.

So drinking plenty water throughout the day is always necessary and especially need before and after the workout, after the heavy work and tiredness. It is one of the main instant boosters which is readily available.

Along with these juices and energy boosters add up a good diet, exercise and workouts to keep you healthy and energetic always. Hope these juices will help you out well when you are out of energy or low in energy levels.

So, try them out and be healthy and energetic always.


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