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Cherry Juice Recipe Its Benefits
Jun 17, 2016
Cherry Juice Recipe Its Benefits

Cherry juice recipe is known to be a best many health conditions and problems. It includes a huge list of medicinal uses as well as benefits. Today may people are suffering with lack of sleep across the world and it is necessary for them to get such a remedy to sleep well.

Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep will lead to several other problems. But if your drink this cherry juice once in the morning as well as before 1 hour of going to bed you will get better sleep and this is according to a recent report by a research.

To know in detailed about this as well as other known benefits of cherry juice recipe, see the following information.

Cherry Juice Benefits for Sleep

A recent research conducted in US found that if you drink Montmorency tart cherry juice two times in a day for at least two weeks helped the people to improve their sleep time nearly by 90 minutes in adults who are suffering with the health condition insomnia.

Insomnia is the common and major health problem in most of the adults which affected nearly 23 to 34 percentage of population whose age is around 65 and even older people. This is actually a sleeping trouble. People having this problem will sleep on an average of 3 nights in a week and not more than that. Even it leads to several other health issues as said particularly in the elderly people.

This insomnia is even linked to high blood pressure, high levels of chronic pain, dementia, type 2 diabetes and cognitive function decline. So, people with this problem would like to take sleeping pills. But, this is not a good option for the older people as it may lead to early death as well as hips broken etc.

So, researchers asked seven people of average age 68 years who are having  insomnia problem to drink the cherry juice two times in a day for a couple of weeks. Next group of same age group people were asked to drink the placebo juice.

After the research completed and those people were asked about their sleep, depression, fatigue and anxiety and even the blood test conducted on these people.

These people after the research and study have found that people who drink cherry juice as told by the researchers were able to sleep extra one hour every night when compared to those who drink the placebo juice.

The reason is, this Montmorency tart cherries contain the melatonin as a natural source in them. This is a hormone which keeps the sleep and wake cycle balanced and this is the one that made the better sleep.

Another study also was conducted by some people and they found that the cherry juice has the sleep promoting benefits and these where red pigment in the juice which is called as proanthocyanidins which also plays a role in improving the sleep.

The reason for the insomnia is the degradation of the tryptophan which is also related with inflammation. But, these cherries have unique combination of the tryptophan and melatonin so this is main reason for reducing the insomnia and getting the better sleep benefits.

Both of these researches says that, drinking cherry juice recipe is quite helpful for better sleep as well as reduces other its related problems.

Along with sleeping benefits, drinking cherry juice will also give several other benefits and they are as follows.

Prevents Cancer
Carcinogens that are present in the environment i.e., in air, water as well as foods that you consume may affect or damage your body cells and triggers changes which may lead to the health conditions like cancer. But, tart cherry juice is a good solution for this.

It offers more than anthocyanins that is, it has three chemicals that can fight against diseases and are advantageous in cell formation halting. These thre chemicals include limonene, perillyl alcohol, and ellagic acid. These chemicals will protect against the breast, liver, lungs as well as skin cancer too.

Reduces the Cholesterol
Tart juice has a powerful and one of the great antioxidants which exists quercetin and this is helpful in preventing the oxidative harm which is caused because of the free radicals from harming LDL or bad cholesterol. Not only this, quercetin acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that is helpful for reducing the symptoms of the asthma as well as other kind of respiratory problems.

Protects Against the Muscle Damage
A recent study was conducted on the people to test the efficiency of the cherry juice and that proved to reduce the symptoms of exercise made damages in muscles of 14 male students. Here they have given few people the cherry juice and few people the placebo for nearly 8 days and two times in a day.

After that they have tested them by asking them to do some elbow contractions on the fourth day itself and they have found that strength loss and pain were less in those people who drank the cherry juice when compared to those people who took placebo. It also gave a relief from gout and this is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the cherries it alleviated the pain. 

These are the major benefits of drinking the tart cherry juice. So, people with these problems can drink this tart cherry juice and solve your health conditions.


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