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Coconut Water Is Boon In Summer
Jun 17, 2016
Coconut Water Is Boon In Summer

The tropical flavor of nature, that’s the most apt description for coconut water. Their nutrient content makes them stand apart from other tropical fruits, but their side effect would be skin rejuvenation, promoting hair growth and aiding many metabolic activities inside the body. 

The coconut water is naturally formed inside them during the tender age which mainly contains carbohydrates in digested form along with some electrolytes that could recharge our body. The problem is this nature’s elixir is so cheap so it won’t shake your head like the canned energy drinks made of chemicals that you can’t pronounce. 

The life of coconut tree from its bark to leaf is useful for humans. In countries like India, Indonesia and all coconut leaf serves a better alternative for aluminum sheets, their leaf rib is used as broom, coconut shell for craft, their husk used for a no of house decors from mattress to doormat. So this heaven nuts water can be called as elixir too. Let us go a bit detail.

Coconut water and health perks

1)    They prevent kidney stones: when the waste agglomerate into a mass inside the kidney it crystalizes and breaks to form kidney stones, which is one of painful situation a human might suffer. Coconut water has an amazing property on preventing the agglomeration of stone inside kidney thus there is not chance for crystallization to occur.

2)    Heart’s Friend: Coconut water and human blood are pals, so this liquid will also go some good for our heart too. Overall coconut water improves blood circulation through heart, improving cardiovascular activity.

3)    Natures IV:  You might have got an IV in your arm when you had diarrhea, right? A condition where body loses excess water is called as dehydration. Coconut water could be an excellent alternative for an IV liquid, if in case you go man vs. wild. They have all essential salts and electrolytes to keep your body hydrated, helping replenishing water content.

4)    Digestive tonic: After food, if the digestion gives you a hard face then a sip of coconut water can contribute smooth digestion. The rich fiber content in coconut water will help the digestion to go smooth.

5)    Weight Dropper: Food can’t be avoided; we live for them or maybe like we live because of them. All carbohydrate in our consumption choose to sit idle after required use, so they get stored as fat thus bulking you up. Coconut water has less carbohydrate in them but contains most of essential nutrients so alternating them with meals could help you go in shape.

6)    Diabetic drink: According to some researchers, coconut water has any anti-diabetic properties which helps lowering the blood sugar and prevent it from clotting.

7)    BP buster: If you are having high BP and hypertension then take some coconut water, it is not some joke, but the anti thrombotic agents in the coconut water reduce cholesterol thus helps in reducing blood pressure.

8)    Skin moisturizer: They have all nutrients that your skin might starve in daily life. If you could try a face mask out of coconut water then you would realize that you are wasting money on commercial creams.

9)    Kicks away skin Infections: No wonder this multi talented tropical chap has some anti-microbial action in hand. Applying coconut water over infected skin would prevent further invasive action from bacteria, fungi and yeast.

10  Hair reviver: They have nutrient package in hand ready to offer, so massaging with coconut water would instantly add some essential nutrients to the hair making it lustrous and healthy. Moreover the wow factor is that their chemical compounds helps in promoting hair growth.

Next time when you break the shell, simply don’t spill away this nutrient stream instead collect them inside refrigerator or simply drink it. It’s better than having nothing! 


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