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Summer Dehydration and Juice Therapies
Jun 13, 2016
Summer Dehydration and Juice Therapies

Smacked up in the middle of summer? It’s brutally hot and we are struck up in the long hot dog days of summer peaking upper 90’s and beyond. There is heightened the risk of heat stroke, heat cramps, over exhaustion and dehydration. The way best to overcome the sweltering heat and myriad of health complications is to stay hydrated all day long.

What is dehydration and what are its symptoms:

Dehydration in simple terms is the excessive loss of body fluids. Our bodies are composed of two-thirds water and our bones are composed of more than 20% water!

Water is needed for transportation of nutrients, hormones, and even wastes through our bodies and studies show that a person’s physical endurance will be affected if there occurs water loss amounting to a mere 2% of body weight. Fatigue, loss of appetite, dry skin, a dry and sticky mouth with the absence of saliva, lethargy, dark-colored urine, sunken eyes, dizziness, delirium, rapid heartbeat are few symptoms of dehydration.

It’s really too much to bear with, so before you start experiencing the ill effects thrive the temperatures by getting hydrated. Come on, get started now!!!

So how do you get hydrated?

All liquids, in general, keeps the body hydrated and in order to beat the summer, it’s a must to drink fluids every 15-20 minutes. And now wondering what juice therapy is.

The basis of juice therapy is that toxicity or a deficiency is the cause of all diseases or illnesses and juices of vegetables, plants, fruits, etc. with ample amount of nutrients serve as excellent sources to get right any problems with the body.

What do I need to do now?

Yes! Follow juice therapy. Now how do I follow? Here I give you few tips as a natural prevention technique to fight burdensome dehydration:

One of the first things to be remembered is that fruits must not be pulped in a mixer and it should be crushed be crushed. And to ensure that pulp or rind doesn’t come along with the juice, strain it before consumption.

When consumed in this way, fruit juices tend to detoxify and flush out all the toxins from the body.

Listed below are some fruit and vegetable juices that can help you to overcome the ill effects of summer:

• Coriander and mint juice taken in summers are very effective in keeping the body cool.

• Beal juice is a natural sunscreen and guards the skin from excessive heat.

• Onion juice with mixture of little sugar and cumin seeds will help us  keep away from the heat in summers

• Sipping a tall glass of lemonade acts as an anti-oxidant and cleanses the digestive system

• Dry ginger juice mixed with buttermilk is soothing for those with dehydration caused by diarrhea.

• Juices of cantaloupe, melon and lettuce increase the water level of the body

These are some specific juices proved of good results but this alone is not the limit, all fruit juices are rich in water content and does quench your thirst and help in hydration.

(Interesting Fact: In Ayurveda, heat exhaustion is known as Aanshughata Jwara and heat stroke is known by the Sanskrit name Aanshughata Sannipata. Tropical natives are the major victims of this heat game. Maharishi Panak ,Chandanadi Churna,Ratneshwar Rasa,Mritsanjivani Sura are some of the medicines used for treatment of heat stroke.)

Why juice therapy?

Dr. John B Lust, father of naturopathy, in his book “Raw Juice Therapy” mentioned all necessary information that one must know before gulping the pulp.

According to his studies, if the raw juice is consumed on an empty stomach, the absorption of nutrients happens within 15 minutes which by the way is a good news for nutrient scavengers out there.

Further, fruit and vegetable juices are harmless and straight away enters our blood stream providing all necessary nutrients and health benefits

So, try out juice therapy and experience the summer with a josh!


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