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Summer Special Healthy Smoothies
Jun 17, 2016
Summer Special Healthy Smoothies

Summer solstice would be the days filled with heat and starved humidity, it’s when our body starts to sweat to keep the body cool. While the body is so busy keeping us cool inside there are some hacks we do to make the process efficient. Temperatures would range from 72oF to past 100oF, but the Death Valley in United States of America holds the record of 134 oF in the continent.

But rather than depending on e-stuffs to escape summer, some natural methods could help you like diet changes, natural ventilation, water fountain etc. So let us focus on some smoothies that would help you in summer

7 Smoothies for hot day.

1)    Watermelon crushers: Basically watermelon is full of water, about 80% of the fruit is water that when consumed will help your body hydrating. Moreover the health benefits are like a kind of  perks for watermelon smoothie. Antioxidants in them would help you fight back free radicals in the body. Ice or cold water in service would add the extra punch.

2)    Strawberry smoothie: Strawberry smoothie is a different story, they have natural color and taste that would make anybody fall for them, and so if they get smoothie in human hands then it’s a treat in hot summer. Rich source of vitamin C and minerals like magnesium, strawberry helps in preventing cardiovascular disease.

3)    Pineapple frosty: This tropical wonder would have been a major decorator in our diners for so long, but when combined with other fruits and milk this perennial plant would serve a relief from the heat. They are rich source of bromelain an enzyme, manganese (DV 44%) and vitamin C (DV 58%).

4)    c: A tropical bomb for summer that is what mango in simple language. They are used in all stage of their growth from early birth till ripening, no such fruit would have been a perfect option with yogurt or milk for a smoothie. They are rich in folates and a bunch of vitamins which are good for the body.

5)    Kiwi treat: This green tender fruit is called also known as Chinese berry, it is actually a berry from wood vine. They pack is much more in vitamin C than a citrus fruit, also rich in other Vitamins like E, K and important dietary fibers.

6)    c: This Native American tropic fruit is cheap and may be found in your backyard sometimes, but the fact is they are a perfect candidate for a smoothies to cool you from head to toe. Rich in Vitamin C and K they also pack in polyphenols and carotenoids in an appreciable amount.

7)    Peachy Frosty: This calorie starved buddy would suit you if you are looking for a cool summer with a health conscious body. They are moderately rich in Vitamins C, A and polyphenols. The interesting fact is this tasty fellow, they don’t give you much, so they won’t take much from your too!

So you got the list, now it’s your time to try these smoothies for yourself, always be health conscious, try avoiding sugar or instead add calorie free sugar. Adding ice cubes or crushed ice would give an extra punch of coolness when you enjoy them. Give the summer a kick of smoothie! 


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