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Summer Strokes And Lemon Juice
Jul 30, 2016
Summer Strokes And Lemon Juice

Longer days, warmer nights, summer dresses and shorts appearing- are the evidence that point for the summer ahead, apart from the angry summer sun we like to elope to be abandon in the hills. It's too hot outside and inside too. The suffocating summer days not only make the surrounding uncomfortable but raise our body temperature also.

And the major problem outside is the sun’s heat strokes which make us senseless, and according to many nutritionists it’s been said that due to the prolonged exposure to the high temperature your body starts absorbing the heat and that is your body starts giving up and as per calculations the normal tendency of a body is 30 degree Celsius but if it raises to 40 degrees then there are the chances of losing your vital sensitive organs.

During summer it is very important to maintain our electrolyte and fluid levels to very constant because if the number reacts than your body status will change their proportion of behavior.

So when we cannot change the natural calamities to behave as per us! Then it is better that we change ourselves by adapting the natural remedies before feeding pills to our body.

Summer is here so it's time to “beat the heat” with picking up some traditional drinks that aid to control and prevent loads of health issues. And the most popular and demanded juice with fiber in the prickly summer is:

Lemon Juice:

The attention seeker during the summer is the vitamin C which indulges in lemon totally wherein most of the studies it's been found that the best cure for stomach issue is solved with Vitamin C i.e. Lemon and for beating up heat strokes during summer the best ever natural solution is lemon juice and if added with a little quantity of ginger than its tastes tremendous. So apart from taste, it can be utilized either for stomach or for hair in every category it stands to excel.

• As we all know they are called traditional drinks because from the Moguls rule in INDIA lemonade was termed as the refreshing drink due its excellent cooling properties.

• The ingredients for the stroke prevention are very easy and also affordable in terms of cost and the ingredients are:


Lemon Juice:

1. Take a glass of crystal clean plain water

2. Take lemons and slice it into two

3. Take sugar and salt if required


4. Squeeze and crush the lemon in the glass of plain water

5. Add sugar and salt to the mixture as per your requirement

6. Stir the drink properly so that sugar crystal are dissolved properly

7. Pour it into a glass and have it very calmly enjoy the sips with relaxation.

When you intake the juice it helps you in many ways firstly, the water which you drank will be retained by your body and it will make your body stay hydrated and the added salt will give you retention.

Secondly, your body will take up the energy in maintaining the body temperature into normal and whereas sugar will boost your metabolism to react faster and gives you the energy to react physically and at last, the lemon i.e. the vitamin C in it will give you enough energy to fight back the heat in you and make your body calm down to normal.

So, the heat stroke which had knocked you out! By dehydrating your body and by decreasing your fluid levels will be prevented by having the solution of lemonade before stepping out to any places in the summer months.

As we all know lemon ranks high in terms of healthy food and to stay hydrated you can sip it on, and next you can find out the ultimate use of it.

And this should be in your diet during summer months to retain yourselves with the calamities which will burst you to be weak. Now this variety is not only a juice that will quench your thirst rather this will give you refreshing treats when you're with your buddies and partners and if you have any digestion problems, skin pigmentation, pimple , constipation, and spots than these all can be cured by this medication and health oriented drink of vitamin C.

During  my teenage days, it was many times told to me that have lemonade while going out like for playing, schools, tuition, and dance classes those days I was not bothered about all those sayings as I was busy with my childish stuff later when I grew up and started staying alone then I use to remember those days when mother use to hold me and use to feed me the juice and then, after that she use to allow me to step my feet out of the house.

 So this is what all says thing are appreciated and received when they experience it by their own selves. There is no one who will learn from his/her first experience. It takes the time to adapt anything in life or in the diet. So it took years for me to adapt lemon in my diet during summer months, and I am personally enjoying its features of goodness.

So it’s been said it take years to follow someone but it takes second to change ourselves with our own experiences. So then after surveying many websites I analyzed myself and started telling to everyone like youngsters, kids, uncles and aunties about its utilization to the body because it is very nutritious and a very good thing which does not have any age restriction of consuming it and adding it to your diet.

Bottom line:

These are the best medication for any associated problems and as we all know that this doesn’t take loads of time, so enjoy your summer with lemon juice which would make you and your summer days worthier enough for remembered in future. Make your summer months to be remembered with joy and leaving grief in the past by getting cured with lemon juice from the heat stroke in the future as well as in the present.


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