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Wine Health Benefits And Concerns
Jun 17, 2016
Wine Health Benefits And Concerns

A day is complete without the sip of luscious wine that offers a touch of respite and equanimity. When the sip downgrades to your tummy ‘the health benefits of drinking wine’ might in run reels by reels in your mind.

Yes, there are a lot of publications, news, reports, articles etc. regarding the health benefits of drinking wine. Of course, that is a proved theory in fact; a lot of researches and studies have given a strong pole to hold on. But contrary to all those studies some researchers also quote the health side effects drinking wine.

While one side of the face blushed in the light pros of wine, the other face is slapped with the dark cons of wine. It is obvious that one who gathers both the information would finally go into a dilemma when they get a glass of wine next time.

Let us do a biopsy here to make the facts flash in clarity.

Wine & health benefits

·        Longer life: Wine packs in certain compounds that can promote overall health and cardiovascular health in humans. The red wine is a powerhouse of compounds known as procyanidins imparting the redness to wine can help smooth blood flow through the heart. The resveratrol is a compound that helps in promoting various factors that slow down the old age diseases.

·        Bye-Bye depression: On a study it was shown that men and women who consume drink 2-7 glasses of wine week is far away from getting depressed.

·        Decrease the chance of liver disease: There is always a chance of liver disease that might happen other than consuming alcohol. Modest wine consumption has proved to reduce the risk of such occurrences.

·        Sparkling eyes: Haven’t you noticed red lines over the eye of old aged people? Wine is known to prevent that from happening. The resveratrol in the wine prevents the uncontrolled blood vessel expansion in the eyes.

·        Stay out of cancer: Well cancer after a particular stage is incurable, but what if wine can reduce the chance of wine? Yes, wine is known to kill the risk of colon cancer by half and prevent other cancers like prostrate, blood cancer etc.

Wine & Health Concern

·        Sleeplessness: There is less than 7% content of alcohol (ethanol) in wine, as you know it won’t do much good for your health. This alcohol content in the stomach makes our sleep very difficult when it enters the blood stream it pass on from cells to cells depressing their activity this inducing sleeplessness.

·        Heart Disease: This might drop your jaw, just two paras before it’s mentioned as good for the heart.  Well, modest drinking like one glass a day obviously do good for health, but as the quantity of consumption increases it increases the risk of heart diseases too.

·        Infertility: Wine in modest amount is good, but if the level goes up it is known to cause infertility especially in men. It prevents the motility of sperm and cause erectile dysfunctions.

·        Obesity: Well again, the excess is poisonous. One or two glasses won’t do any harm, but for some people, it might turn into a bottle. Most wine in modest amount is safe the increased consumption increase the calories intake and thus causes obesity.

·        Pancreatitis: Alcohol content in the wine is the villain here. It could create an acute pancreases malfunction which may lead to pancreatitis or inflammation of pancreas cells disrupting the normal working.

So, that’s it. Hope you might have drawn a clear conclusion. Modest is the best, but as usual, the excess will always be poisonous. Wine is simply like a tonic, consumption it helps the body but when its excess the medicine turns out to be a poison. 


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