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8 Ayurvedic Super Foods
Nov 24, 2016
8 Ayurvedic Super Foods

So the 8 Ayurvedic super foods I've selected are absolutely excellent. They don’t just provide a low calorie, dense hit of vitamins; they actually help to sell power, resilience, peace and contentment within the frame/thoughts. And the greatest aspect is, they're effective to be had!

Right, here they're…

1) Ghee

Ghee is clarified butter, with all the milk solids and buttermilk removed (so it's far truly lactose-free and can be fed on by using lactose intolerant people). Not like a maximum of the opposite Superfoods on this list, ghee is really easy to digest and it, further to being Sattvic and nourishing to the body, has the unique excellent of enkindling Agni, consistent with Ayurveda.

2) Cow milk

Cows are considered sacred animals in India and cow milk is tremendously respected in Ayurveda as one of the maximum Sattvic of foods. Buy unhomogenised, organic or biodynamic milk and best consume it warm, ideally with spices like black pepper or ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, to improve its digestibility and Oja's nourishing residences. When you have a problem with cow’s milk, don’t worry, there are seven different Superfoods at the listing to select from!

3) Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is Sattvic, nourishes body and is also mild and easy to digest so even if your Agni is weak, you must be able to digest it easily. It's an extended grain rice with a unique fragrance and delicate flavor… short and easy to cook and actually scrumptious!

4) Dates

Dates are Sattvic and really nourishing to the body, however, also are quite wealthy, heavy and difficult to digest. Just because they may be “splendid” doesn’t imply you must eat them through the handful! Persist with  dates a day. Something greater and you may place a strain on your digestive fire.

5) Almonds

Almonds are also Sattvic and assist in holding our body. However, they may be additionally pretty wealthy and heavy, so don’t overdo them either.  To 4 almonds an afternoon is sufficient. To cause them to lighter and less complicated to digest, soak them in boiling water overnight, blanch them (remove their skins), then dry roast them. A remarkable way to have your daily dose is as dry roasted slivers on top of porridge.

6) Honey

Honey is incredible Sattvic and immediately nourishes our personal existence-nectar. The primary component to don't forget with honey is to choose the on heat dealt with kindly. Ayurveda teaches that after the honey is heated to high temperatures its chemical composition is altered, making it tough to digest, with a bent in the direction of clogging the channels.

So usually purchase properly first-class honey that has gone through minimal processing and doesn't cook with it (including a teaspoon of warm tea is exceptional). Honey is every other wealthy food so again, moderation is fundamental.

7) Ginger

Ginger is an exceptional spice!! It's Sattvic and even though it doesn’t nourish Ojas without delay, it promotes a robust, balanced digestive fireplace. If our Agni is balanced, our body may be nourished as the quit result of tissue metabolism. And eating ginger with all of the different ingredients in this list will lead them to less complicated to digest too!

8) Saffron

Our final Superfood, Saffron, is one of the most revered of all unusual spices. It has a sturdy medicinal movement in the blood, coronary heart, and reproductive gadget, is extremely good Sattvic and additionally potentiates the action of any substance, it's miles all in favor of, together with the moves of the Superfoods on this listing! One to five strands according to day is enough to impart its blessings and it's far fine eaten after soaking in warm milk.

Be careful, not to boil Saffron as it consists of treasured volatile oils a good way to be misplaced and do no longer use in case you are pregnant because it stimulates the float of blood inside the uterus.


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