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Best Energizing Foods to Take After Morning Run
Jun 17, 2016
Best Energizing Foods to Take After Morning Run

There are many people who love to go for a morning run in the name of workout with empty stomach.  As morning run is something that will squeeze out all the calories that are stored in our body, there is an emergent need to supplement back those calories once you are done with your morning run. 

As the stomach stays empty all the night and body and all its parts stay relaxed all the night, an added morning run to this process will literally burn extra calories if any in the body. 

The best way is through “Healthy breakfast”.  The foods that are rich in essential supplements can return back the energy after a morning run. So here in our article we are presenting such essential foods that will supplement lost calories.

Below are the best breakfasts to include in your diet to boost yourself after a morning run.


Let us start with a yellow fruit i.e., banana, the fruit that is named for its awesome taste.  Banana falls under the category of fruits that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, which help boost the endurance for the runners. 

Even though you are not a professional runner, in order to attain your goal of staying fit you have to be a professional runner at times.  So banana can help a lot to supplement all those essential carbs, vitamins, minerals that are needed by your body. 

There is a misconception that carbs are not good for runners, but it is just a misconception and nothing more than that. 

As we run, we lose all the calories in our body and thereby the energy.  So there is an absolute need for carbs intake in order to regain the lost calories banana, which is rich in carbs, can help you attain that.  If you cannot eat a banana, you can also make banana shake by adding strawberries and skimmed milk.  You can have this banana shake as your breakfast to regain your lost calories that to tastily. 


There are legion types of veggies each associated with amazing health benefits.  Each veggie has different taste and differs in offering different health benefits. 

I won’t suggest you to eat raw all the time, but make sure you at least include them at the time of your breakfast.  Veggies are rich in antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which help strengthen the body, boost your immune system and build good muscle strength.

You can also add leafy greens to attain the best results ever.  Including a bowel of raw veggies in your breakfast could help you great deal in retaining those lost calories because of the morning run.

Fruit salad

Fruit salad, the best yummy-come-healthy breakfast one can eat.  There are different types of fruit salads that we normally see on streets, which include ice creams, essence, color, cherries and all other stuff. 

The fruit salad which I am talking about is simple to prepare.  Just chop the fruits you want to have in your fruit salad and add a milk shake to the salad.  As fruits themselves are sweet in taste, you no need to add anything to sweeten it. 

Fruits like apples, grapes, blackberries, oranges contain antioxidants, which will make you breakfast healthy and thereby let you go through a healthy day.

Chicken breast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it should be as healthy as it should be.  You can eat chicken breast in your breakfast.  Chicken breast is very low in calories and it is best in taste if cooked in proper manner. 

When you are done with your morning run you can have a bowel of hot chicken breast as your breakfast.  As it is the first meal of your day, make sure your stomach is full.  Chicken breast with some added brown rice can help you get rid of early hunger.


The best seafood that is not only tasty, but also healthy is one and only Salmon.  Salmon is a fish, which is loaded with scores of health benefits.  It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.  It helps regain your lost calories in very little time. 

Cooked with some olive oil can help you attain more health benefits.  Salmon can also help improve the brain functioning.


Almonds are best source of antioxidants.   They are mainly named for lowering cholesterol in the body. Almonds alone cannot serve as your breakfast, so some added cornflakes or healthy milkshake can help you make it a full dish.  Not just good for health, almonds are also good for skin.


Oats or oatmeal is the best breakfast one can eat after a morning run.  It is rich in proteins, fiber, and carbs.  The fiber present in oats help you feel full for a long time.  As oatmeal is not that tasty for most of the people adding some fruits to it can help you some with the taste.


Yogurt is one such food that can help you regain the calories.  It is rich in proteins and added with fruits and almonds can make it more tasty and healthy for your body. 

These are the best energizing foods to take after a morning run to supplement back the calories that are lost after a morning run. 


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