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Why I Eat Gluten Free Foods
Jun 13, 2016
Why I Eat Gluten Free Foods

Health is a major concern to many around us, if you go into depth you might see every 3 in 5 people might avoid some things cause of medical restrictions. Gluten is one such hurdle that keeps some people away from some sort of food stuff.

Gluten is a protein found in cereals like wheat, barley etc. that induces the elastic property to the dough and helps to spring that puffy effect on baking. They are a combination of monomer gliadin and glutenin along with starch in a specific proportion.

Those suffering from Celiac disease have a problem with immune system such that it harms the small intestine as a result of the immune response. Some have gluten sensitivity problems which are more like an intolerance in which case the body finds in difficult to digest the gluten consumed thus creating stomach cramps, pain, diarrhea etc. 

Apart from these disorder one face, is there any advantages going with gluten-free food? Let us see.

Who all must strictly avoid gluten?

1. Celiac sufferers:

Celiac is an autoimmune disease which is been triggered by the presence of gluten in the body, as the result of immune response the immunoglobulin’s in the body attack the tiny finger-like projection inside the small intestine called ‘villi’ which helps in nutrient absorption, severely damaging it. This results in malnourishment no matter how hard you hit a nutrient consumption.

How would out I make a diagnosis: There are clinical procedures like endoscopy, a blood test for certain antibodies etc. Other than that some common symptoms include:

• Diarrhea

• Bloating

• Abdominal pain

• Inconsistent stool

• Hair loss

• Loss of appetite

• Fatigue

• Missing periods

• Itching and dermatitis. 

2. Gluten Intolerant people:

These class of people has an inability in digesting the gluten consumption in the food.  The exact cause or reason for this disorder is still under the scope of the investigation, but some go with the notion that it might be caused due to a faulty gene somewhere in the patient’s genome.

Though not very serious problem gluten intolerance might eat you in salt if ingested gluten rich food.

Some symptoms includes:

• Diarrhea

• Belching

• Flatulence

• Irritation soon after consuming gluten rich food.

Though most of the symptoms are common for many diseases in the same class, the confirmative diagnosis should be chosen in order to rule its gluten driven one.

General advantages consuming gluten free diet

• If you have any gluten sensitivity problems, the a gluten free diet would be most recommended such that it helps in the recovery of the intestinal tract and stomach which might have had tiredness from gluten intolerance.

• It is found that gluten rich diet always faces a dilemma while getting digested due to their chemical structure and features. Thus, a gluten free diet would offer a hassle free digestion.

• Introduces more niche of food stuffs. If you tend to go as usual, then wheat will be the major shareholder. But when you plan a gluten free diet you often go for a wide variety of grains, cereals, fruits, veggies etc.

• Makes you aware selecting food: If there is a concern regarding gluten or any other food restriction, next time when you go shopping, you would obviously go through the nutrient info before carting them. 

• Gluten free food usually tends to be rich in fat, carbohydrate and other vitals thus come as a great alternative to gain weight.

• Gluten-free diet helps to recover from autism. Though the exact mode of action is not available, researchers found significant improvement from autism in children in a study.

Gluten free foods

Here are some of the gluten free list of foods that can be swapped with wheat if you have a concern after going through the gluten dilemmas.

• Rice Almond Bread

• Multi grain flour (Wheat free)

• Brown Rice

• White Rice

• Rice Millet Bread

• Almond with grains flour

• Gluten free oats

Shopping gluten-free foodstuffs might be costly sometimes, during which it is wise to go with rice if you prefer a gluten-free diet.


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